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Address: 179 John Street, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5T 1X4
Phone: 1-416-613-8569
Toll free: 1-877-274-6777


Sherry Boodram, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder

Lucas C. McCann, PhD
Co-founder, CSO, Partner

Shawn Postle, PhD
Senior Consultant

Dario Jeginovic, M.Sc.
Director of Federal Licensing

Denis Adigamov, M.Sc.
Senior Consultant

Vanessa Bairos, M.Sc.
Project Manager

Mahmed Hasib-Ravat, M.Sc.
Associate Consultant

Colleen Davidson
Executive Assistant

Ellen Wang, M.Sc.
Associate Consultant

Nirun Sivananthan, M.Sc.
Associate Consultant

Denis Gertler
Senior Regulatory Advisor

Dana Baranovsky, M.Sc
Associate Consultant

Nalin Thillanayagam
Business Analyst

David Wasserman, PhD
Associate Consultant

Callan Evans, LL.Dip
Associate Consultant

Mandeep Brar
Associate Consultant

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179 John Street, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5T 1X4




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