Senior consultant manager, Shawn. Standing next to the company logo that reads CannDelta

Shawn Postle, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant
Dr. Shawn Postle is a Senior Consultant and Manager at CannDelta. He provides support on decision-making as it pertains to regulatory and compliance aspects of the legislation, as well as manages the execution of deliverables, including, but not limited to, legislation and supporting operational policies. Shawn’s experience includes providing compliance guidance to clients that are navigating novel regulatory or business challenges, including providing a plethora of technological solutions to companies in regulated industries. Shawn’s cannabis expertise includes developing new business models under existing regulations or crafting altogether new regulatory frameworks in domestic and international jurisdictions. Shawn works with clients
through all stages of project development, from early ideation, business planning and facility design, through to operational support and compliance strategizing. Shawn, as a subject matter expert, expertly helps his clients navigate the challenges in the cannabis licensing process and is excellent at applying his knowledge to new situations brought to him by his clients. Shawn has led a project in which he assisted a First Nations community in drafting and implementing their own cannabis regulations and assisting them at putting together a unique licensing process that reflects the needs of their community. He regularly assists with matters in post-licensing compliance work, by conducting site audits, and offering regulatory support. Shawn obtained a doctorate degree in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, where he explored the synthesis of main-group catalysts for organic transformations. He has developed a diverse analytical skillset, enabling him to identify the right technology to solve a problem. As a member of the Green Chemistry Initiative, he worked to promote safe and sustainable chemical research. Following graduation, he worked in an analytical laboratory as a nuclear magnetic resonance technician, where he ensured clients were able to meet their research goals quickly.