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Vladimir Lapshin at CannDelta Organization

Vladimir Lapshin

SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

Vladimir, our SEO and digital marketing specialist, bringing professional and freelance experience to the CannDelta team. With a proven track record in crafting profitable and successful marketing campaigns and SEO optimization for websites, YouTube, and social media channels, he is a key player in driving brand awareness and business success.

Vladimir combines passion with problem-solving skills, ensuring his strategies resonate with the company’s target audience and business objectives. Proficient in various SEO aspects (Technical, On-Page, Off-Page), social media, content creation, and YouTube and website optimization, he’s always exploring new ways in digital marketing, SEO, and web development to elevate business success.

Before joining CannDelta, Vladimir honed his skills as a digital marketing specialist, both freelancing and as a full-time professional in a Canadian company. A graduate of the Post Graduate Marketing Management program at Humber College, his expertise spans SEO, Integrated Marketing, Market Research, and Strategic Marketing.

In his current role at CannDelta, Vladimir leads the execution of the company’s SEO and digital marketing strategy and optimization of a website, social media, and YouTube channels for peak SEO performance. Vladimir’s  passion for his skillset is reflected in his commitment to delivering dynamic results that move CannDelta toward its business goals.