Denis Adigamov, M.Sc., is a Senior Consultant at CannDelta

Denis Adigamov, M.Sc.

Senior Consultant

Denis Adigamov, M.Sc., is a Senior Consultant at CannDelta. Denis helps our clients overcome their regulatory challenges with a smile. Experienced in compliance auditing, application reports, and security designs, and well-versed in federal & provincial cannabis regulations, Denis works closely with clients to realize their vision. He has helped shape many compliant businesses, whether it’s a cannabis processor, a boutique cultivator, or a cannabis retail store.

Denis holds an M.Sc. from York University, where he worked with neuronal stem cell cultures, observing their development when exposed to a drug. He completed his H.BSc. with First Class standing at the same school, focusing on molecular biology and genetics. Denis’ background in biology and neuroscience gives him a unique perspective when applied to the Canadian cannabis landscape