Dr. Lucas McCann is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at CannDelta. He provides scientific oversight and business strategy. Lucas has extensive experience assisting clients through various regulatory frameworks, including with licence applications and provides clients with advice on business strategy and operational efficiencies. He has helped launch over 300 successful pharmaceutical, food, and cannabis businesses in the U.S. and Canada. An expert in regulations, Lucas has experience in all aspects of these industries, including cannabis-specific expertise in commercial cultivation, manufacturing, analytical testing and cannabis retail. Lucas acquired his regulatory experience and knowledge while working as a Specialist for the Regulatory and Operations Enforcement Branch (Health Products) at Health Canada, the federal regulator for cannabis and controlled substances in Canada. He is a dynamic public speaker and regularly engages with local and international media on topics relevant to the cannabis industry. Lucas has published multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and a university textbook.

By the end of his Ph.D., Lucas was decorated with research awards and was published in high-profile, peer-reviewed chemical journals for work explaining a popular and versatile chemical reaction. After graduation, Lucas acquired his regulatory and quality knowledge from within the Inspectorate Program at Health Canada as part of the Health Products Branch. Lucas stepped out of the public sector to co-found CannDelta with a Health Canada employee from the Medical Cannabis Program. Since then, CannDelta has specialized in Cannabis Licensing Support for applicants that are starting a business in anything from Cannabis Cultivation to Retail Dispensaries to Analytical Testing. Along with CannDelta’s team of scientists and consultants, Lucas works to create compliant and successful cannabis businesses coast to coast across North America.