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Site Evidence Packages

Why Is a Site Evidence Package Important

In addition to documents submitted as a part of a CTLS application, applicants are required to submit a site evidence package with visual evidence to demonstrate the completion and functionality of their facility. Applications will only be processed once both the document portion of the application is submitted within the CTLS and the site evidence package is submitted by Health Canada.

What to Submit with a Site Evidence Package

• Guided video tour of the entire site (including both indoor and outdoor areas such as the building envelope), highlighting all security features of the site perimeter, operations areas (including all grow areas) and storage areas. All devices must correspond to their location as indicated on the site plan (including all floor plans).

• Photographic overview of each side of the defined site perimeter.

• Visual recording device footage that includes the front, back and sides of the defined site perimeter (e.g., east, west, south and north walls). Complete coverage may be best demonstrated by displaying multiple visual recording device feeds that capture an individual walking around the perimeter.

• Footage from all visual recording devices in each operations areas (including the entry and exit points of the grow areas) and all storage areas. All video and images must meet the following criteria:

    • Have sufficient resolution to clearly visualize the area (not a pixelated image);
    • Capture the entirety of the areas identified (i.e. no blind spots and/or obstructed views);
    • Demonstrate the visual recording devices ability to capture the required information in
      both low light and no light conditions.

Site Evidence Packages
The guided video tour is an opportunity to highlight a new facility to reviewers at Health Canada.

Does My Cannabis Licence Need a Site Evidence Package

When creating a new licence application in the CTLS, the applicant must first identify the licence class they are applying for in the CTLS. The licence classes within the scope of this guide include:

  • Cultivation (micro, standard, nursery)
  • Processing (micro, standard)
  • Sale for medical purposes (with possession, without possession)




The following classes of licences are not required to submit a site evidence package or video attestation:

  • Analytical testing licence
  • Cannabis drug licence
  • Industrial hemp licence
  • Research licence


For more information on requirements for these licence classes, applicants may refer to the Cannabis Act and its Regulations, and additional guidance published on the Health Canada website.

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