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Wisconsin GOP lawmakers are working on medical pot legalization currently, however, there is currently no framework in place.

After years of opposition to any form of marijuana legalization in Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers are now working privately to build support for a medical cannabis program that could win bipartisan backing and be enacted into law later into 2023.


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Do you want to know how to get a Wisconsin cannabis license fast? Start your cannabis licensure journey off right, contact America’s leading cannabis licensing consultants today! Turn-key application packages for small businesses. Get licensed now!
CannDelta prepares all cannabis license applications in the state of Wisconsin. Contact us to get the process started!

Pre-License Services

CannDelta can help you determine the right cannabis facility site. Popular services include: Site Suitability, Regulatory Due Diligence, Leases, Mergers & Acquisitions, Audits, Floor Plan Design and Site Layout, Process Flow, Physical Security, and more. All of these services are standard in our turn-key cannabis application packages for new applicants.

Get help with turn-key licensing cannabis application. CannDelta will assist you with obtaining permits and provide consulting support for all cannabis license types.

CannDelta writes customized SOPs, and will train your team on industry best-practices and regulations. This includes training for Quality Management Systems (QMS), Deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) reports, regulatory audits, and cannabis security protocols.

We can create customized business plans to help forecast your company’s success and predict when you will receive a return on your investment. Our plans contain pitch decks & customized logos, branding, and a marketing plan.

LIcense application Types

A medical cannabis cultivator license allows for the holder to acquire, grow, cultivate, and harvest medical cannabis in an indoor, enclosed, locked, and secure area. The terms “cannabis cultivator”, “cultivator”, or “micro-cultivator” also have the same meaning.

A medical cannabis processor license allows the registered holder to acquire cannabis from a medical cannabis cultivation facility or other cannabis processing facility, manufacture cannabis products, extract cannabinoids or concentrate cannabis, and sell cannabis to a medical cannabis transportation entity, cannabis testing facility, or cannabis research facility. Synonyms for a medical cannabis processor include cannabis processing facilities, processors, or cannabis processors.

Site Suitability, Zoning, Real Estate & Leases, Floor Plan Design, Physical Security, Marketing, Product Placement, Inventory Purchases, Inventory Tracking and Record Keeping, Franchise Growth Strategy, Human Resources, and Budtender Training.

Logistics, Storage, Care-&-Custody Operational Procedures, Physical Security Procedures, Expansions



The holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator license is permitted to cultivate, harvest, dry/trim, and cure cannabis. They may hold an Adult-Use Cannabis Processor license and a Cannabis Distributor license. They may NOT hold a cannabis retail dispensary or a cannabis consumption lounge license.



A holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Processor license is permitted to buy, store, and process cannabis (i.e. perform cannabis extraction or the infusion into edible cannabis products). They may also sell cannabis products to licensed distributors. A holder of a cannabis processor license can only hold one cultivator, processor and distributor license that allows for the distribution of their own products. They may not own or hold any interest in the cannabis retail license tier. Click below to learn more about how to get a grow license in NY.



A holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary license is permitted to buy cannabis products to licensed Adult-Use Cannabis Distributors and sell to the public in their Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary store. Click the button below to learn how to get a weed license in NY.

Do you want to know how to get a cannabis license fast? Start your cannabis licensure journey off right, contact America’s leading cannabis licensing consultants today! Turn-key application packages for small businesses. Get licensed now!


CannDelta prepares applications for all cannabis license types in the state of Wisconsin. Contact us today to get the process started!
CannDelta helps clients build winning, global strategies in the regulated space. From cannabis cultivation to large-scale cannabis research and development, CannDelta’s team of global industry experts will help you achieve a better, more profitable future in the regulated and scientific industry in Wisconsin and globally.

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