Dr. Loryn Arnett is an Associate Consultant at CannDelta

Loryn Arnett, Ph.D.

Associate Consultant

Dr. Loryn Arnett is an Associate Consultant at CannDelta. She provides associate-level support throughout this mandate. Loryn helps clients to navigate the complex licensing process and compliance requirements in regulated industries, such as cannabis, without compromising their business goals. Loryn leverages her extensive research and analytical experience to develop regulatory compliance strategies, standard operating procedures, and business plans and to prepare and review cannabis and precursor licence application packages. Loryn obtained a Doctorate in Polymer and Materials Chemistry from the University of Toronto, where she investigated targeted delivery of nanomaterials and worked towards their commercialization for state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Through her research, Loryn has developed a keen eye for identifying problems and realizing innovative solutions that align scientific and business priorities.