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Applications for Dual License (For Existing Medical Dispensaries)
Opening on June 7, 2024

Cannabis License Overview

Ohio has marked a significant milestone in cannabis policy reform with the passage of Issue 2. This decision not only reflects a progressive shift in societal attitudes towards marijuana but also heralds new economic, social, and regulatory changes in the state. Let’s delve into the specifics of this landmark decision and its implications for Ohioans.

On November 7, Ohio voters made a decisive move by legalizing recreational marijuana through Issue 2. Garnering a 56.79% majority (2.144 million votes), this initiative legalizes and regulates the cultivation, manufacture, testing, and sale of marijuana for adults aged 21 and over.

Key Provisions of Issue 2

Legal Age: Marijuana use is now legal for individuals 21 years and older.
Home Cultivation: Ohioans can grow up to six plants individually and up to 12 plants per residence.
Taxation: A 10% sales tax is levied on marijuana transactions.
Regulatory Body: The creation of the Division of Cannabis Control within the Ohio Department of Commerce.
Revenue Allocation: Establishment of five funds for social equity, community development, substance abuse, and regulatory oversight.
Medical Marijuana: Continuation and integration with the existing medical marijuana program.

With legalization set to take effect 30 days post-election, the Department of Commerce has nine months to finalize regulations and issue the first round of adult-use licenses. This period will be crucial in shaping the operational landscape of Ohio’s recreational marijuana market.

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