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Jason Goble

Business Analyst

Jason, a Regulatory Compliance Business Analyst, brings expertise in regulatory frameworks, business operations, and analytical acumen. His passion lies in ensuring strict compliance and helping organizations navigate evolving regulations while maintaining ethical and legal standards.

In addition to his work at CannDelta, Jason operates a farm where he grows cash crops. This firsthand experience has driven his interest in cannabis cultivation and the associated regulatory challenges. He has developed a strong background in interpreting and implementing regulatory guidelines specific to the cannabis industry, including licensing, quality assurance, packaging and labeling requirements, and distribution regulations.

Jason holds a BSc in Chemistry and a certification in regulatory affairs. His prior role as an Analytical Chemist at a leading research chemical company, provides him with a comprehensive understanding of industry-specific regulatory landscapes. Excited to be part of a leading cannabis consulting company, Jason is dedicated to ensuring the success of clients’ business ventures.