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New York Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes cannabis for recreational adult-use (must be aged 21+) consumption. Under the MRTA, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), governed by a Cannabis Control Board, is responsible to develop regulations and issue cannabis licenses regulating the production, manufacturing, sale, transport of recreationally (non-medical) cannabis and cannabis products in the state of New York.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams proposed a $4.8 million investment in the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) executive budget to promote the growth of the industry. He is looking to fund a multiagency community outreach effort, as well as technical assistance for businesses navigating the licensing process.

“The Seeding Opportunity Initiative” will position individuals with prior cannabis-related criminal offenses to make the first adult-use cannabis sales with products grown by New York farmers. A $200 million dollar Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund has been approved by Governor Kathy Hochul, which will be controlled by a minority-led investment team.

In granting “justice-involved” candidates licenses first, New York is further demonstrating a commitment to equity applicants by offering an edge and allowing these candidates to establish their businesses before multi-state operators (“MSOs”) can enter the state.

On December 14th, 2022, the New York State Cannabis Control Board released proposed regulations for the implementation of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act of New York in the state register. The comment period for the proposed reguations ended on February 13th, 2023 at 11:59 pm New York Time (EDT).

Licensing Categories

The following license types can be acquired in New York:

Cannabis Applications Fees and License Costs

A non-refundable application fee of $1,000 is mandatory for a New York conditional license, followed by a $7,000 license fee if approved. Remember, SEE entrepreneurs benefit from a 50% reduction in these fees, along with extra business assistance. Licenses must be renewed biennially.

Application Process

Currently, New York has disclosed the application process solely for conditional cannabis cultivator, processor, and retail dispensary licenses.

To apply for a New York cannabis cultivator or processor license, the following must be submitted:

  1. Ownership Details
  2. Documents of Organizational Structure
  3. Financial Disclosure Information
  4. Organizational Chart
  5. Floor & Site Plans
  6. Facility Visuals
  7. Operating Plan
  8. Community Impact Plan
  9. Environmental Plan
  10. Application Fee 

… and other requisite details.

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) will grant licenses based on applicants’ capacity to demonstrate compliance with New York’s regulations. Critical factors also include the ownership structure, team’s experience, moral character, and financial viability to implement proposed plans.

New York Retail Process for Cannabis Licenses Information List

To enhance your chances, it’s imperative to strive for the highest score on your application. Given the competitive nature of acquiring a New York cannabis license, our New York cannabis consultants are available to guide you throughout the application process. Our record speaks for itself, boasting over 300 successful cannabis business launches.

Services Offered

At Cannadelta, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate catalysts for your cannabis venture in New York. Navigating the intricate web of cannabis licensing and business operations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s how we can assist:

Cannabis License Applications:

Step into the cannabis industry with confidence. Our team provides comprehensive assistance in compiling, submitting, and tracking your license application to ensure you’re compliant and competitive.

Business Plan Development:

Shape the future of your cannabis venture with a solid foundation. We craft business plans that not only meet regulatory standards but position you for sustained growth.

Security Plan:

Our experts design robust security plans to protect your assets, meet state requirements, and offer peace of mind.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Streamline your day-to-day with an effective operating plan, tailor-made to enhance efficiency .

We draft SOPs that are clear, compliant, and conducive to your business’s smooth functioning.

Marketing Plan:

Let’s make your brand resonate! From brand building to outreach strategies, we’ll help you carve a niche in the bustling New York cannabis market.

Employee Staffing and Training Plan:

From recruitment strategies to tailored training modules, we ensure your staff is prepared to excel in the cannabis sector

Site Audits and Inspections:

Stay ahead of the curve. With our rigorous site audits, we identify potential issues and offer actionable solutions, ensuring you’re always in compliance and operating efficiently.

Executive Coaching:

Elevate your leadership skills. Our seasoned cannabis industry veterans offer one-on-one coaching sessions, sharing insights and strategies to ensure your business thrives.

New York’s Commitment to Social and Economic Equity

In 2022, New York initiated a Social and Economic Equity (SEE) program for the Adult-Use Cannabis Industry. This program gave those who qualified priority in the application process and a fee reduction. The program is no longer on-going, but parties that qualified as SEE applicants can still apply for licenses in the general application periods.

New York State Cannabis Legislation Overview

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes cannabis for recreational adult-use (must be aged 21+) consumption. Under the MRTA, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), governed by a Cannabis Control Board, is responsible to develop regulations and issue cannabis licenses regulating the production, manufacturing, sale, and transport of recreationally (non-medical) cannabis and cannabis products in the state of New York.

If you want to grow cannabis or sell it through a retail dispensary, you need to apply for a license. The OCM licenses cultivators, processors, distributors, and dispensaries to grow and sell cannabis in New York. However, please note that the Cannabis Law does not allow individuals to have both a cultivation and retail adult-use cannabis license at the same time.

To apply for a New York cannabis cultivator or processor license, you’ll need to submit ownership information, organizational structure documents, financial disclosure information, floor and site plans, facility renderings, operating plans, community impact plans, environmental plans, application fees, and more. The OCM will determine whether to award you a license based on your ability to demonstrate your plans to adhere to New York regulations. Another major consideration is your ownership structure, team experience, moral character, and financial ability to execute your plans.

If you’re looking to open a retail dispensary, please note that the OCM is no longer accepting Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) license applications. CAURD licensees will be the first retail dispensaries to open for legal adult-use cannabis sales in New York State.

It’s important to note that cities, towns, and villages can opt-out of allowing adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries or on-site consumption licenses from locating within their jurisdictions. However, municipalities cannot opt-out of adult-use legalization.

Visit cannabis.ny.gov/licensing for the latest information on the application process and licensing fees. Our New York cannabis consultants can help manage your application from start to finish and aim for perfect scores, with one of the highest success rates in the industry (90.12%).

Whether you call it cannabis, marijuana, or weed, the legal industry is growing in New York. 

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest regulations and requirements to ensure success in this exciting industry by checking back here regularly for more updates as they develop!

Frequently Asked Questions about New York state's Cannabis market - SOLVED!

The General Application Window for Cannabis Licenses for the Public Closed on December 17th, 2023 for provisional licenses. Prior to this, the non-provisional license window closed on November 17th, 2023. 

Even the next application period is expected to open in March 2024 for Type 3 processor licenses, AUCCs and AUCPs transitioning to non-conditional licenses.

New York’s Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licenses are temporary licenses only available for “justice-involved” applicants in the first round of applicants for cannabis retail (dispensary) licensure. To be considered “justice-involved” the applicant must have a cannabis-related offense or have an immediate family member with a cannabis-related offense, who have experience owning and operating a profitable business. These individuals must show evidence of running a profitable business for two (2) consecutive years.

The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) received 903 applications for the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary in the summer of 2022, and awarding 463 total licenses in late into 2022 and 2023. This has allowed the first cannabis retail store (or dispensary) to open before the end of 2022, which was selling New York first regulated and tested cannabis products. New York’s implementation of conditional cannabis licenses will assist the state in catching up with its neighbors in the Tri-state area, New Jersey and Connecticut, and has allowed recreational cannabis (non-medical or adult-use cannabis).

Conditional licenses are valid for four (4) years from the date of license issuance by the OCM. License holders may apply to convert their “Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License” to a standard, “Adult-Use Dispensary License” prior to its expiration. License holders would be required to enter a labor peace agreement with a bona fide labor organization. Note, this is not to be confused with the State of New Jersey. New Jersey’s conditional licenses are meant to allow people to obtain adult-use cannabis licenses without large amounts of capital pre-application.

Anyone. In the first round of licensure, the adult-use (non-medical/recreational) dispensary (cannabis retail) licensing process is designed to favor those that have a past conviction of a cannabis offense or have a close relationship with someone who has been charged and convicted with a cannabis-related offense. We refer to this as “justice-involved” individuals.

Applicants will also need to prove that they have had at least 10% ownership in a profitable business for at least two years.

Residency Requirement

A majority of the ownership of the applying company/entity must have been in New York State for 180 days within the last year, or 540 days within the last three years.

Conviction Requirements

The applicant, of if the applicant was dependent to must have been convicted of a cannabis-related offense in New York State at any time prior to 3/31/2021.

Business Requirements

You need to have held at least 10% ownership for two years in a business that had at least two years of net profit.

Or if you’ve owned at least part of a non-profit, a non-profit that has all the following:

  • Have people with marijuana convictions in New York on its board or as its officers
  • Has at least two years of positive net assets or profit
  • Has at least 5 full-time employees
  • Serves individuals and communities with high rates of cannabis-related arrests and convictions
  • Has a history of creating work for people with marijuana convictions

Ownership Percentages

The entity with sole control of the applying business and at least 30% of the ownership interest must meet the residency requirement AND the conviction and for-profit business requirement OR the non-profit business requirement.

In addition, at least 51% of the applying business’s ownership interest must 1) meet residency requirement AND the conviction and for-profit business requirement OR the non-profit business requirement or 2) the conviction requirement.

You were eligible for a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary license if you are an applicant (a business or entity) that satisfies the following:

  • Majority-owned company by “justice-involved” individuals;
  • The applicant consists of individuals that have had at least a 10% ownership stake for at least two years in a business that had a net profit;
  • Are New York residents if applying as an individual, or have a principal corporate location within New York or be organized under the laws of New York if applying as an entity.

Alternatively, applicants can be:

  • Non-profits that serve “justice-involved” individuals and communities that managed a social enterprise with at least two years of positive net assets;
  • Have a history of creating opportunities for “justice-involved” individuals;
  • Have “justice-involved” individuals on its board or as officers;
  • Have five or more full-time employees.

CannDelta has successfully helped acheive CAURD Licencses from the Office of Cannabis Management (the “OCM”).
It is believed that the OCM will continue to prioritize applications that are classified with a social equity component as the application process opens up in Summer 2023.

The costs per license application is $2,000 (non-refundable) and each license allows for the opening of a single location. Each operator may hold a maximum of three licenses and operators cannot be vertically integrated i.e. it’s not possible to cultivate, process or manufacture, and distribute, etc.v

Cannabis Control Board (CCB)

Issues/inspects/revokes licenses, registrations, permits
Limits/halts number of licenses
Approves social equity plans

Office of Cannabis Management (OCM)

Issues/inspects/revokes licenses, registrations, permits
Limits/halts number of licenses
Approves social equity plans

State Cannabis Advisory Board

Advises and recommends cannabis use of all types
Governs and administers Reinvestment Funds

To be eligible for an Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator License an applicant must meet all of the following:

  1. Have been authorized to grow hemp under the Department of Agriculture and Markets Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.
  2. Be in good standing with the Department of Agriculture and Markets.
  3. Have been authorized by the Department of Agriculture and Markets to grow cannabinoid or “CBD hemp” as opposed to growing hemp for grain or fiber.
  4. Have grown and harvested cannabinoid or “CBD hemp” for two of the past four years (between 2018 – 2021) and be able to provide the Office with proof documenting such activities.
  5. Hold at least 51% or more ownership in the entity that held the industrial hemp grower authorization from the Department of Agriculture and Markets.

To open a dispensary or a consumption lounge in the state of New York, you’ll need the following:

  1. A lease or proof of title or ownership of a site
  2. No more than three (3) Adult-Use on-site consumption licenses per individual investor.
  3. No vertical integration permitted – individual investors cannot be an Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator and own a Consumption Lounge in the State of New York.
  4. Respected set back distances – there is prohibition of consumption licence within 500 feet (ft) of a school.
  5. A detailed and well-crafted application package submitted by the Applicant.

License application and regulatory fees vary depending on the license you are seeking. The minimum application fee for any license in New York is $1,000.

In terms of total overall costs, please contact our office so we can learn more about your goals, your situation and provide with you an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to open a cannabis business in New York.

There are currently 74 adult-use cannabis dispensaries across New York State.

To verify the legitimacy of a New York Cannabis Adult-use Retail Dispensary License, use this State-run verification tool.

Find Attached a list and corresponding map (provided by Google) of the Municipalities that have opted-in and opted-out for cannabis retail dispensaries and consumption lounges for adult-use:


These towns/cities have opted-in to Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and/or Consumption Lounges: 

Municipality Name
City of Watervliet
Town of Coeymans
Town of Colonie
Town of Guilderland
Village of Menands
Village of Ravena
Town of Bethlehem
Town of Rensselaerville
Town of Westerlo
Village of Voorheesville
Village of Green Island
Village of Altamont
Town of Alfred
Town of Cuba
Town of Alma
Town of Amity
Town of Andover
Town of Angelica
Town of Belfast
Town of Caneadea
Town of Clarksville
Town of Hume
Town of Independence
Town of New Hudson
Town of Rushford
Town of Willing
Village of Angelica
Village of Belmont
Village of Bolivar
Village of Wellsville
Town of Friendship
Town of Union
Town of Fenton
Town of Kirkwood
Town of Nanticoke
Town of Windsor
Town of Barker
Town of Great Valley
Town of Randolph
Village of Portville
Town of Conewango
Town of Dayton
Town of Ashford
Town of Carrollton
Town of Coldspring
Town of East Otto
Town of Farmersville
Town of Franklinville
Town of Humphrey
Town of Mansfield
Town of Perrysburg
Town of Persia
Town of Portville
Town of South Valley
Village of Delevan
Village of South Dayton
Village of Gowanda
Town of Cato
Village of Union Springs
Town of Conquest
Town of Brutus
Town of Genoa
Town of Ira
Town of Ledyard
Town of Locke
Town of Mentz
Town of Niles
Town of Scipio
Town of Sennett
Town of Springport
Town of Summerhill
Town of Venice
Village of  Fair Haven
Village of Aurora
Village of Cato
Village of Morava
Village of Port Byron
Village of Weedsport
Town of Fleming
Town of Mina
Village of Panama
Town of Cherry Creek
Town of French Creek
Town of Ellery
Town of Busti
Town of Carroll
Town of Charlotte
Town of Chautauqua
Town of Clymer
Town of Ellicott
Town of Ellington
Town of Gerry
Town of Kiantone
Town of North Harmony
Town of Poland
Town of Portland
Town of Ripley
Town of Sheridan
Town of Sherman
Town of Stockton
Town of Villenova
Village of Bemus Point
Village of Brocton
Village of Cassadaga
Village of Falconer
Village of Lakewood
Village of Mayville
Village of Silver Creek
Village of Sinclairville
Town of Harmony
Town of Hanover
Village of Celoron
Town of Ashland (Chemung County)
Town of Horseheads
Village of Horseheads
Town of Catlin
Town of Baldwin
Town of Big Flats
Town of Chemung
Town of Elmira
Town of Erin
Town of Southport
Town of Van Etten
Town of Veteran
Village of Elmira Heights
City of Norwich
Town of Bainbridge
Town of Guilford
Town of Pitcher
Village of Smyrna
Town of Greene
Village of Afton
Town of Afton
Town of New Berlin
Town of Norwich
Town of Otselic
Town of Oxford
Town of Sherburne
Town of Smithville
Town of Smyrna
Village of Greene
Village of New Berlin 
Village of Sherburne
Town of Chazy
Village of Rouses Point
Town of Canaan
Town of Ancram
Town of Claverack
Town of Copake
Town of Greenport
Village of Chatham
Village of Kinderhook
Village of Valatie
Town of Clermont
Town of Livingston
Town of Chatham
Town of Preble
Village of Marathon
Town of Lapeer
Town of Cortlandville
Town of Willet
Town of Cuyler
Town of Truxton
Town of Virgil
Village of Franklin
Town of Franklin (Delaware County)
Village of Hobart
Town of Andes
Town of Bovina
Town of Hamden
Town of Masonville
Town of Roxbury
Town of Stamford
Town of Walton
Village of Sidney
Village of Stamford
Town of Fishkill
Town of Clinton
Town of North East
Town of Pine Plains
Town of Poughkeepsie
Town of Red Hook
Village of Red Hook
Town of Amenia
Town of Beekman
Town of Dover
Town of East Fishkill
Town of Hyde Park
Town of LaGrange
Town of Pawling
Town of Pleasant Valley
Town of Rhinebeck
Town of Stanford
Town of Union Vale
Town of Wappinger
Town of Washington
Village of Millbrook
Village of Pawling
Village of Rhinebeck 
Village of Tivoli
Village of Wappingers Falls
Town of Milan
Town of Tonawanda
Village of Kenmore
Town of Grand Island
Town of Hamburg
Town of Orchard Park
Town of West Seneca
Village of Angola
Village of East Aurora 
Town of Alden
Town of Aurora
Town of Brant
Town of Colden
Town of Collins
Town of Elma
Town of Holland
Town of Lancaster 
Town of Marilla
Town of Newstead
Town of North Collins
Town of Sardinia
Town of Wales
Village of Akron
Village of Alden
Village of Hamburg
Village of Orchard Park
Village of Williamsville
Town of Elizabethtown
Town of Essex
Town of Jay
Town of Keene
Town of Newcomb
Town of North Elba
Town of Schroon
Town of St. Armand
Town of Ticonderoga
Town of Wilmington
Town of Chesterfield
Town of Lewis (Essex County)
Town of Santa Clara
Town of Constable
Town of Dickinson
Town of Duane
Town of Fort Covington
Town of Franklin (Franklin County)
Town of Harrietstown
Village of Malone
Village of Broadalbin
Town of Northampton
Town of Bleecker
Village of Elba
Town of LeRoy
Village of Alexander
Village of Oakfield
Town of Alexander
Town of Batavia
Town of Bethany
Town of Byron
Town of Elba
Town of Oakfield
Town of Stafford 
Village of Bergen
Village of LeRoy
Town of Alabama
Town of Bergen
Town of Catskill
Town of Lexington
Town of Hunter
Town of Greenville (Greene County)
Town of Cairo
Town of Ashland (Greene County)
Town of Durham
Town of Halcott
Town of Jewett
Town of New Baltimore
Town of Prattsville
Town of Windham
Village of Hunter
Town of Inlet
Town of Arietta
Town of Lake Pleasant
Town of Morehouse
Town of Wells
Village of Speculator
Town of Litchfield
Town of Russia
Town of Schuyler
Village of Ilion
Village of Middleville
Village of Dolgeville
Town of German Flatts
Village of Cold Brook
Village of Mohawk
Town of Henderson
Town of Wilna
Village of Brownville
City of Watertown
Town of Adams
Town of Alexandria
Town of Brownville
Town of Cape Vincent
Town of Champion
Town of Clayton
Town of Ellisburg
Town of Hounsfield 
Town of LeRay
Town of Lyme
Town of Philadelphia
Town of Rodman
Town of Theresa
Town of Watertown
Town of Worth
Village of Adams
Village of Alexandria Bay
Village of Cape Vincent
Village of Chaumont
Village of Clayton
Village of Deferiet
Village of Dexter
Village of Philadelphia
Village of Black River
Village of Croghan
Village of Port Leyden
Town of Montague
Town of Croghan
Town of Denmark
Town of Lowville
Town of Martinsburg
Town of New Bremen
Town of Osceola
Town of Turin
Town of Watson
Town of West Turin
Village of Castorland
Village of Constableville
Village of Copenhagen
Village of Lowville
Village of Turin
Town of Greig
Town of Lewis
Town of Diana
Town of Harrisburg
Town of Pinckney
Town of Conesus 
Town of Geneseo
Town of Ossian
Village of Dansville
Village of Geneseo
Village of Nunda
Town of Eaton
Town of Smithfield
Village of Munnsville
City of Oneida
Town Cazenovia
Town of Brookfield
Town of DeRuyter
Town of Fenner
Town of Georgetown
Town of Lenox
Town of Nelson
Town of Sullivan
Village of Cazenovia
Village of Chittenango
Village of DeRuyter
Village of Wampsville
Village of Morrisville 
Village of Hamilton
Village of Canastota
Town of Henrietta
Town of Chili
Town of Clarkson
Town of Gates
Town of Greece
Town of Hamlin
Town of Mendon
Town of Ogden
Town of Parma
Town of Perinton
Town of Pittsford
Town of Riga
Town of Sweden
Town of Webster
Village of Churchville
Village of Hilton
Village of Pittsford
Village of Scottsville
Village of Webster
Town of Penfield
Town of Amsterdam
Village of Fort Plain
Village of Fultonville
Town of Glen
Village of Flower Hill
Village of South Floral Park
Village of Valley Stream
Village of Plandome Manor
Village of Island Park
Village of East Rockaway
Village of East Hills
City of Glen Cove
City of Long Beach
Village of Lynbrook
Village of Bellerose
Village of Floral Park
Village of Laurel Hollow
Village of Lawrence
Village of Matinecock
Village of Sea Cliff
Village of Williston Park
Village of Atlantic Beach
Village of Cedarhurst
Village of Freeport
Village of Garden City
Village of Hempstead
Village of Malverne
Village of Manorhaven
Village of Massapequa Park
Village of Old Westbury
Village of Roslyn Harbor
Village of Sands Point
Town of Hempstead
Town of North Hempstead
Town of Oyster Bay
Village of Bayville
Village of Brookville
Village of Centre Island
Village of Cove Neck
Village of Great Neck
Village of Great Neck Estates
Village of Great Neck Plaza
Village of Hewlett Bay Park
Village of Hewlett Neck
Village of Kensington
Village of Lattingtown
Village of Mineola
Village of Munsey Park
Village of Muttontown
Village of New Hyde Park
Village of Old Brookville
Village of Plandome Heights
Village of Port Washington North 
Village of Rockville Centre
Village of Roslyn
Village of Roslyn Estates
Village of Russell Gardens
Village of Stewart Manor
Village of Thomaston
Village of Upper Brookville
Village of Westbury
Village of Woodsburgh
Village of East Williston
Village of Farmingdale
Village of North Hills
Village of Youngstown
Town of Cambria
Town of Hartland
Town of Pendleton
Town of Royalton
Town of Somerset
Town of Wilson
Village of Middleport
Town of Niagara 
Village of Waterville
City of Sherrill
Village of Clinton
Town of Boonville
Town of Bridgewater
Town of Florence
Town of Lee
Town of Vernon
Town of Westmoreland
Village of Camden
Village of Clayville
Village of Oneida Castle
Village of Fayetteville
Town of Lysander
Town of Onondaga
Town of Salina
Town of Skaneateles
Town of Van Buren
Town of LaFayette
Village of Camillus
Village of Solvay
Town of Cicero
Town of Camillus
Town of Elbridge
Town of Fabius
Town of Otisco
Town of Pompey
Town of Tully
Village of Baldwinsville
Village of Elbridge
Village of Fabius
Village of Jordan
Village of Liverpool
Village of Manlius
Village of Marcellus
Village of Minoa
Village of Skaneateles
City of Canandaigua
Town of Victor
Village of Victor
Town of Bristol
Town of Canandaigua
Town of Farmington
Town of Hopewell
Town of Manchester
Town of Naples
Town of Richmond
Town of Seneca
Village of Shortsville
Town of South Bristol
Town of East Bloomfield
Town of Gorham
Town of West Bloomfield
City of Port Jervis
Town of Tuxedo
Town of Warwick
Town of Wawayanda 
Tuxedo Park
Town of Greenville (Orange County)
City of Middletown
Town of Blooming Grove
Town of Chester (Orange County)
Town of Cornwall
Town of Crawford
Town of Deerpark
Town of Goshen
Town of Hamptonburgh
Town of Highlands
Town of Minisink
Town of Monroe
Town of Montgomery
Town of Mount Hope
Town of New Windsor
Town of Wallkill
Village of Chester
Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson
Village of Florida
Village of Goshen
Village of Greenwood Lake
Village of Harriman
Village of Highland Falls
Village of Maybrook
Village of Montgomery
Village of South Blooming Grove
Village of Unionville
Village of Warwick
Village of Washingtonville
Village of Otisville
Village of Monroe
Village of Medina
Village of Albion
Town of Barre
Town of Carlton
Town of Gaines
Town of Murray
Town of Ridgeway
Town of Shelby
Village of Holley
Village of Lyndonville
Town of Albion (Orleans County)
Town of Clarendon
Town of Yates
Town of Albion (Oswego County)
Town of Amboy
Town of Constantia
Town of New Haven
Town of Orwell
Town of Palermo
Town of Redfield
Town of Richland
Town of Volney
Town of Williamstown
Village of Central Square
Village of Cleveland
Village of Lacona
Village of Mexico
Town of Mexico
Village of Cooperstown
Town of Richfield
Town of Otsego
Town of Westford
Town of Worcester
Village of Gilbertsville
Village of Brewster
Town of Carmel
Town of Kent
Town of Patterson
Town of Philipstown
Town of Southeast
Village of Nelsonville
Village of Cold Spring
Town of Putnam Valley
Town of Brunswick
Town of East Greenbush
Town of Hoosick
Town of Nassau
Town of North Greenbush
Town of Schodack
Village of Nassau
Town of Berlin
Town of Sand Lake 
Village of Valley Falls
Village Chestnut Ridge
Village of Nyack
Village of Piermont
Village of Suffern
Village of Kaser
Village of Grand View-on-Hudson
Town of Clarkstown
Town of Orangetown
Town of Ramapo
Town of Stony Point
Village of New Hempstead
Village of New Square
Village of Pomona
Village of Sloatsburg
Village of West Haverstraw
Village of Airmont
City of Mechanicville
Town of Ballston
Town of Halfmoon
Town of Milton
Town of Saratoga
Town of Waterford
Village of Stillwater
Village of Galway
Town of Charlton
Town of Clifton Park
Town of Edinburg
Town of Galway
Town of Malta
Town of Moreau
Town of Northumberland
Town of Providence
Town of Wilton
Village of Victory
Village of Waterford
Town of Day
Town of Glenville
Town Niskayuna
Town of Princetown
Village of Middleburgh
Village of Cobleskill
Town of Fulton 
Town of Jefferson
Town of Richmondville
Town of Sharon
Town of Summit
Village of Sharon Springs
Village of Richmondville
Town of Cayuta
Town of Tyrone
Village of Burdett
Village of Montour Falls
Village of Odessa
Village of Waterloo
Town of Varick
Town of Covert
Town of Fayette
Town of Ovid
Village of Ovid
Town of Massena
Village of Massena
Town of DeKalb
Town of Brasher
Town of Fowler
Town of Hammond
Town of Hopkinton
Town of Madrid
Town of Norfolk
Village of Hammond
Village of Heuvelton
Village of Savona
City of Corning
Town of Lindley
Town of Wheeler
Town of Howard
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Town of Fremont (Steuben County)
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Town of Potter

No, you can no longer apply for a CAURD License.

The CAURD licensing program was put on pause in late 2023 after an injunction was filed.

The Coalition for Access to Regulated & Safe Cannabis (CARSC), also known as the Registered Organizations (ROs), initiated legal action in Albany’s state court. They levied accusations against regulatory bodies for mishandling the launch of New York’s cannabis market, which they claimed obstructed the entry of licensed entities and enabled the proliferation of unlicensed vendors (referencing Coalition for Access to Regulated & Safe Cannabis v. New York, Index No. 902390-2023, filed in N.Y. Supreme Court, Albany County on Mar. 16, 2023).

This backdrop set the stage for the CARSC and Fiore disputes, which were ultimately settled in a manner akin to the Variscite case. These settlements not only provided licenses to the complainants but also instituted a pause on new CAURD applications, though it allowed for the processing of existing ones. 

If the window is closed, you may potentially opt to invest with a current license holder.

Licensees awarded from the general application round may work investors without needing to declare anyone if they remain under the 10% threshold of ownership.

CAURD licenses are permitted to sell up to 49% of their equity for a period of three years after licensure. At which time, they may choose to divest entirely.

If you are a CAURD holder or an investor, contact CannDelta today to learn about opportunities!

CannDelta can help you get opened fasted by streamlining your operations. See attahed for a list of items that we can assist with!

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