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CannDelta prepares all types of cannabis license applications in the state of New York. Contact us to get the process started!

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New York State Cannabis Licensing

New York Retail
Social Equity CAURD Licenses

Work with the experts on building your cannabis retail dispensary for New York. CannDelta has helped to file Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary license applications. This license will allow holders to leverage funding opportunities through New York's Seeding Opportunity Initiative! State-wide there is $200 million dollars available for justice-involved individuals impacted by cannabis prohibition.

New York Cannabis Cultivator LIcenses

Early in 2022, 223 NY Hemp Farmers have been approved to grow cannabis in New York State by the Cannabis Control Board.

If you are a holder of a Conditional Cannabis License in New York State, we can help you to convert your Conditional Cannabis Cultivator License to a full Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator License. For those looking to apply for Cannabis Cultivator or Nursery license, we can help you to prepare today!

New York Cannabis Processor/ Manufacturing

Start off on the right foot by working with our experts in consumer-packaged goods, extractions, and infusion of cannabis-infused edibles.
There are two types of Cannabinoid Processor licenses, one for “Extracting and Manufacturing” and one for “Manufacturing Only”.
All cannabis and cannabis product processing shall be in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

ALL Licenses in New York

Our experts can help ensure that any license applications or operational documents are ready for launch and approval. Bring your dreams to life with experts who can help prepare your cannabis business for New York's growing market.

Consulting Services

Adult-Use Cannabis LIcense Types

Get help with turn-key licensing cannabis applications. CannDelta will assist you with obtaining permits and provide consulting support for all cannabis license types, including special use permits for cannabis analytical laboratory testing, industrial cannabis (materials and chemicals made from industrial cannabis), trucking, warehouse, and packaging permit.

The holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator license is permitted to cultivate, harvest, dry/trim and cure cannabis. They may hold an Adult-Use Cannabis Processor license and a Cannabis Distributor license. They may NOT hold a cannabis retail dispensary or a cannabis consumption lounge license.

Similar licenses include the Adult-use Cannabis Microbusiness and Nursery license.


CannDelta can help you determine the right cannabis facility site. Popular services include: Site Suitability, Regulatory Due Diligence, Leases, Mergers & Acquisitions, Audits, Floor Plan Design and Site Layout, Process Flow, Physical Security, and more. All of these services are standard in our turn-key cannabis application packages for new applicants.
Clean grow room with epoxy floors and hung LED lights

A holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Processor license is permitted to buy, store, and process cannabis (i.e. perform cannabis extraction or the infusion into edible cannabis products). They may also sell cannabis products to licensed distributors. A holder of a cannabis processor license can only hold one cultivator, processor and distributor license that allows for the distribution of their own products. They may not own or hold any interest in the cannabis retail license tier.


CannDelta writes customized SOPs, and will train your team on industry best-practices and regulations. This includes training for Quality Management Systems (QMS), Deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) reports, regulatory audits, and cannabis security protocols.


A holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary license is permitted to buy cannabis products to licensed Adult-Use Cannabis Distributors and sell to the public in their Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary store.

Business Plans and Market Research

We can create customized business plans to help forecast your company’s success and predict when you will receive a return on your investment. Our plans contain pitch decks & customized logos, branding, and a marketing plan.

Cannabis Distributor license
A holder of an Adult-Use Cannabis Distributor license is permitted to buy, store, and sell cannabis products from Adult-Use Cannabis Processors, Co-operatives, Microbusinesses, or a Registered Organizations with Dispensary (ROD) to a licensed Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary stores in the State of New York.
ISO/EIC 17025, GMP and GACP Certification & AUditing

CannDelta can help youget and maitain the right certifications for acheiving and maintaining your license. Contact us today for an accreditation! WE specialize in ISO/IEC 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, Good Agricultural and Collection Practices, and Good Manufacturing Practices certification and auditing.


The Cannabis Laboratory Analytical Testing licence is needed for individuals and corporations who wish to possess cannabis and to alter the chemical or physical properties of cannabis for testing purposes. Before applying, it’s important to determine if this licence is needed, as the applicant may already be authorized to conduct analytical testing activities under the terms of an existing licence (e.g., in-house testing for THC and CBD). Analytical testing may include but is not limited to testing for chemical and microbial contaminants, cannabinoid content, dissolution/disintegration, sterility, stability and pesticides, including assurance that requirements are being met by licence holders bound by the cannabis mandatory testing requirements.


CannDelta Consultants high five after a license application submission for a cannabis dispensary in New York State

Do you want to know how to get a New York cannabis license fast? Start your cannabis licensure journey off right, contact America’s leading cannabis licensing consultants today! Turn-key application packages for small businesses. Get licensed now!

CannDelta prepares applications for all cannabis license types in the state of New York. Contact us today to get the process started!

CannDelta helps clients build winning, global strategies in the regulated space. From cultivation to large-scale research and development, CannDelta’s team of global industry experts will help you achieve a better, more profitable future in the regulated and scientific industry in New York and globally. 

Get in touch today and start your journey in the New York Cannabis industry. 

Turn Key all-inclusive Application Package

Get everything you need to apply in one place, from a single, trusted source.
Flat Fee Application Packages
  • Real Estate Search
  • Personal Disclosure Forms
  • Business Plans

All Cannabis LIcense Applications HEre

CannDelta's Turnkey License Applications spell success for clients. Here a consultant smiles witht their dispensary clients after learning their conditional license was approved.

CannDelta completes applications for all cannabis license types for New York. Cannabis dispensary, retail stores, event licensing, consumption lounges.

  • Adult-use Cultivator
  • Adult-use Nursery
  • Adult-use Processor
  • Adult-use Distributor
  • Adult-use Cooperative
  • Adult-use Micro Business
  • Adult-use Retail Dispensary
  • Adult-use On-site Consumption
  • Adult-use Delivery
  • Registered Organization Adult-use Cultivator Processor Distributor Retail Dispensary
  • Registered Organization Adult-use Cultivator Processor Distributor
Dollar billsl laying in a pile, cannabis consultants help you to save money and get licensed fast

What is the opportunity size in New York For Cannabis?

Population of New York State:
20.2 million (est. 2021)

Population of New York City:
8.8 million (est. 2020)

USA’s 27th Largest State by Land and USA’s 4th Most Populous


The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes cannabis for recreational adult-use (must be aged 21+) consumption. Under the MRTA, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), governed by a Cannabis Control Board, is responsible to develop regulations and issue cannabis licenses regulating the production, manufacturing, sale, transport of recreationally (non-medical) cannabis and cannabis products in the state of New York.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams proposed a $4.8 million investment in the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) executive budget to promote the growth of the industry. He is looking to fund a multiagency community outreach effort, as well as technical assistance for businesses navigating the licensing process.

The Seeding Opportunity Initiative” will position individuals with prior cannabis-related criminal offenses to make the first adult-use cannabis sales with products grown by New York farmers. A $200 million dollar Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund has been approved by Governor Kathy Hochul, which will be controlled by a minority-led investment team.

In granting “justice involved” candidates licenses first, New York is further demonstrating a commitment to equity applicants by offering an edge and allowing these candidates to establish their businesses before multi-state operators (“MSOs”) can enter the state.

New York farmers and small businesses will serve as the foundation of the legal cannabis market.


A laptop sits on a consultants desk as she displays a cannabis business plan to her client for New York State cannabis dispensary Licences

Frequently Asked Questions About New YOrk CAnnabis LIcenses (FAQ)

On March 10, 2022, the New York State Cannabis Control Board released proposed regulations for conditional adult-use retail dispensaries. The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) indicated that they expect to begin accepting retail (dispensary) applications as early as the summer of 2022, and to award licenses in late summer or early fall of 2022. This will allow cannabis retail stores (or dispensaries) to open before the end of 2022.

New York’s implementation of conditional cannabis licenses will likely assist the state to catch up with their neighbors in the Tri-state area, New Jersey and Connecticut, and allow recreational cannabis (non-medical or adult-use cannabis) to be sold before the end of 2022.

There are only a few existing medical dispensary licenses in the state and applications are currently not being accepted for medical or adult-use dispensaries. Further, existing medical cannabis dispensary license holders will not be prioritized for conditional licenses.

New York’s Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licenses are temporary licenses only available for “justice involved” applicants in the first round of applicants for cannabis retail (dispensary) licensure. To be considered “justice involve” the applicant must have cannabis-related offense or have an immediate family member with a cannabis related offense, who have experience owning and operating a profitable business.

Conditional licenses are valid for four (4) years from the date of license issuance by the OCM. License holders may apply to convert their “Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License” to a standard, “Adult-Use Dispensary License” prior to its expiration. License holders would be required to enter a labor peace agreement with a bona-fide labor organization.

Note, this is not to be confused with the State of New Jersey. New Jersey’s conditional licenses are meant to allow people to obtain adult-use cannabis licenses without large amounts of capital pre-application.

Anyone. In the first round of licensure, the adult-use (non-medical/recreational) dispensary (cannabis retail) licensing process is designed to favor those that have a past conviction of a cannabis offense or have a close-relationship with someone who has been charged and convicted with a cannabis-related offense. We refer to this as “justice involved” individuals.

Applicants will also need to prove that they have had at least 10% ownership in a profitable business for at least two years.

Residency Requirement
A majority of the ownership of the applying company/entity must have been in New York State for 180 days within the last year, or 540 days within the last three years.

Conviction Requirements

The applicant, of if the applicant was dependent to must have been convicted of a cannabis-related offense in New York State at any time prior to 3/31/2021.

Business Requirements

You need to have held at least 10% ownership for two years in a business that had at least two years of net profit.

Or if you’ve owned at least part of a non-profit, a non-profit that has all the following:

·       Have people with marijuana convictions in New York on its board or as its officers

·       Has at least two years of positive net assets or profit

·       Has at least 5 full time employees

·       Serves individuals and communities with high rates of cannabis-related arrests and convictions

·       Has a history of creating work for people with marijuana convictions

Ownership Percentages

The entity with sole control of the applying business and at least 30% of the ownership interest must meet the residency requirement AND the conviction and for-profit business requirement OR the non-profit business requirement.

In addition, at least 51% of the applying business’s ownership interest must 1) meet residency requirement AND the conviction and for-profit business requirement OR the non-profit business requirement or 2) the conviction requirement.

You are eligible for a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary license if you are an applicant (a business or entity) that satisfies the following:

•          Majority-owned company by “justice involved” individuals;
•          The applicant consists of individuals that have had at least a 10% ownership stake for at least two years in a business that had a net profit;
•         Are New York residents if applying as an individual, or have a principal corporate location within New York or be organized under the laws of New York if applying as an entity.

Alternatively, applicants can be:

•          Non-profits that serve “justice involved” individuals and communities that managed a social enterprise with at least two years of positive net assets;
•          Have a history of creating opportunities for “justice involved” individuals;
•          Have “justice involved” individuals on its board or as officers;
•          Have five or more full-time employees.

The costs per license application is $2,000 (non-refundable) and each license allows for the opening of a single location. Each operator may hold a maximum of three licenses and operators cannot be vertically integrated i.e. it’s not possible to cultivate, process or manufacture, and distribute, etc.

Cannabis Control Board (CCB)

Issues/inspects/revokes licenses, registrations, permits
Limits/halts number of licenses
Approves social equity plans

Office of Cannabis Management (OCM)

Issues/inspects/revokes licenses, registrations, permits
Limits/halts number of licenses
Approves social equity plans

State Cannabis Advisory Board

Advises and recommends cannabis use of all types
Governs and administers Reinvestment Funds

To be eligible for an Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator License an applicant must meet all of the following:

  1. Have been authorized to grow hemp under the Department of Agriculture and Markets Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.
  2. Be in good standing with the Department of Agriculture and Markets.
  3. Have been authorized by the Department of Agriculture and Markets to grow cannabinoid or “CBD hemp” as opposed to growing hemp for grain or fiber.
  4. Have grown and harvested cannabinoid or “CBD hemp” for two of the past four years (between 2018 – 2021) and be able to provide the Office with proof documenting such activities.
  5. Hold at least 51% or more ownership in the entity that held the industrial hemp grower authorization from the Department of Agriculture and Markets.
  1. A lease or proof of title or ownership of a site
  2. No more than three (3) Adult-Use on-site consumption licenses per individual investor.
  3. No vertical integration permitted – individual investors cannot be an Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator and own a Consumption Lounge in the State of New York.
  4. Respected set back distances – there is prohibition of consumption licence within 500 feet (ft) of a school.
  5. A detailed and well-crafted application package submitted by the Applicant.

License application and regulatory fees vary depending on the license you are seeking. The minimum application fee for any license in New York is $1,000.

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