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CannDelta is an award-winning consulting firm and leader in cannabis and controlled substances for regulatory and compliance. Working with clients across the spectrum of retail, cultivation, processing manufacturing, testing and research. We are successful in acquiring licences throughout the world.

Rhode Island Cannabis Licences

In Rhode Island, the Department of Business Registration, Office of Cannabis Regulation is responsible for all Rhode Island cannabis licensing and regulatory oversight of compassion centres, cultivators, and cooperative cultivations and oversight of medical cannabis plant tagging requirements.


The Rhode Island Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program oversees the Medical Marijuana Act and regulations for registered patients, caregivers and authorized purchasers. The Medical Marijuana Program accepts, reviews, and approves patient, caregiver and authorized individual applications and renewals.

Compassion Center

Compassion centers are places for patients who have qualifying conditions to purchase medical cannabis as treatments. The Medical Marijuana Program within the Department of Business Regulations (DBR) regulates them.


An entity that grows cannabis. As of 2021 all applications are closed to new facilities.

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Pre-License Services


Leasing, Audits, Site Evidence Package, Interior Design, Security, and more


Standard Operating Procedures, Background checks, Human Resources, Retail Procedures

Facility Standards

Quality Assurance Protocols, Quality System Management, Deviation Audits, Security Protocol

Operational Support

Business Plans, Growth Projections, Machinery Sourcing, HVAC Coordination

POST-License Services


Department Mock Audits, Growth Plans, Operational Support, Acquisitions and Mergers, New Product License, Research License


Facility Improvements, Department Mock Audits, Quality System Management, Digital Transformation, Expansion


Marketing, Product Placement, Franchising Growth Strategy, Acquisition and Mergers, Human Resources, Training


Expansion, Training, Product Launches, Site Audits, Security, Expansion

Personal Medical Cannabis in Rhode Island

As a Rhode Island Medical Cannabis Patient, you are able to grow up to 12 mature and 12 immature Medical Cannabis Plants for your own use; provided they are properly registered via the Office of Cannabis Regulation’s Plant Tag Program.

You must grow in an indoor space, that is enclosed by 4 walls and a solid roof (no greenhouses), the cannabis cannot be visible to the public, and you must take measures to keep the odor mitigated. You are able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of “dry, usable” cannabis or 12.5 ounces of “wet, unconsumable” cannabis (or an equivalent combination).

Rhode Island Cannabis Licenses for Compassion Centers

Compassion Centers are licensed to operate to help patients with their medical cannabis needs. 

Key Staff Applications are Required to be completed for ANY Member/ Officer/ Manager/ Director/ Agent/ Employee of a Licensed Cannabis Establishment (Cultivation, Compassion Center, Testing Lab).

Any Member/ Officer/ Manager/ Director/ Agent of a Licensee is also required to obtain a National Background Check.
Only Employees with no managerial oversight are exempt from this requirement.

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