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Rhode Island’s cannabis industry is still in its early stages, with adult-use sales only beginning in March 2022. The state’s regulatory and licensing framework is overseen by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation’s Office of Cannabis Regulation. The goal of the framework is to provide a fair and transparent licensing process for businesses interested in entering the cannabis industry.

Licensing Process in Rhode Island

The licensing process in Rhode Island is a three-step process that includes prequalification, application, and operational approval. Prequalification is the first step, and applicants must demonstrate they meet certain criteria, including financial viability, background checks, and residency requirements. Once prequalified, applicants can submit an application, which includes a detailed business plan and security plan. The application fee is $10,000 for cultivators, $5,000 for processors, and $500 for testing laboratories. Once an application is approved, the final step is obtaining operational approval, which includes inspections and compliance with regulations.

Types of Cannabis Licenses Available in Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers several types of licenses for cannabis businesses, including:

  1. Cultivation License

    This license allows businesses to grow and harvest cannabis plants.

    • Application Fee: $10,000
  1. Processing License

    This license permits businesses to process and package cannabis products.

    • Application Fee: $5,000
  1. Cooperative License

    This license is for entities formed by five or more individuals or businesses to cultivate, process, or manufacture cannabis.

    • Application Fee: $10,000
  1. Microbusiness License

    This license is for small businesses that cultivate, process, and sell cannabis directly to consumers.

    • Application Fee: $500
  1. Testing Laboratory License

    This license permits businesses to test cannabis products for potency and contaminants.

    • Application Fee: $500

Costs Associated with Rhode Island’s Cannabis Licensing

The costs associated with Rhode Island’s cannabis licensing are significant and should be considered when developing a business plan. In addition to the application fees mentioned above, there are also ongoing regulatory costs, including license renewal fees, annual regulatory fees, and seed-to-sale tracking system fees. These fees can add up quickly, and it is important to factor them into the overall cost of doing business in the cannabis industry.

Financial Opportunity in Rhode Island’s Cannabis Industry

Rhode Island’s cannabis industry is still in its infancy, but there is significant opportunity for growth and profitability. The state’s medical marijuana program has been successful, and the legalization of adult-use cannabis is expected to generate significant tax revenue. Additionally, Rhode Island’s proximity to other states where cannabis is legal, such as Massachusetts and Connecticut, provides an opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base beyond state borders.

Working with a Cannabis Licensing Consultant in Rhode Island

Navigating Rhode Island’s cannabis licensing process can be complex and time-consuming. Working with a cannabis licensing consultant can help save time and money by streamlining the application process, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing guidance on developing a successful business plan. A consultant can also provide valuable insight into the local market and help businesses navigate the competitive landscape. Overall, working with a consultant can help increase the likelihood of success in Rhode Island’s growing cannabis industry.


The Rhode Island Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program oversees the Medical Marijuana Act and regulations for registered patients, caregivers, and authorized purchasers. The Medical Marijuana Program accepts, reviews, and approves patient, caregiver, and authorized individual applications and renewals.

Compassion Center

Compassion centers are places for patients who have qualifying conditions to purchase medical cannabis as treatment. The Medical Marijuana Program within the Department of Business Regulations (DBR) regulates them.

Cannabis Cultivator

An entity that grows cannabis. As of 2021, all applications are closed to new facilities.

Personal Medical Cannabis in Rhode Island

As a Rhode Island Medical Cannabis Patient, you are able to grow up to 12 mature and 12 immature Medical Cannabis Plants for your own use, provided they are properly registered via the Office of Cannabis Regulation’s Plant Tag Program.

You must grow in an indoor space, that is enclosed by 4 walls and a solid roof (no greenhouses), the cannabis cannot be visible to the public, and you must take measures to keep the odour mitigated. You are able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of “dry, usable” cannabis or 12.5 ounces of “wet, unconsumable” cannabis (or an equivalent combination).

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Rhode Island Cannabis Licenses for Compassion Centers

Compassion Centers are licensed to operate to help patients with their medical cannabis needs.

Key Staff Applications are required to be completed for ANY Member/ Officer/ Manager/ Director/ Agent/ Employee of a Licensed Cannabis Establishment (Cultivation, Compassion Center, Testing Lab).

Any Member/ Officer/ Manager/ Director/ Agent of a Licensee is also required to obtain a National Background Check.
Only Employees with no managerial oversight are exempt from this requirement.
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