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MJstack revolutionizes the cannabis industry by streamlining vendor evaluations, offering a vital service that matches clients with premier solutions tailored to their specific market strategies and regulatory requirements. Founded by Cannatech and enterprise technology experts, Brian Mayfield and Adam Benko, the company specializes in optimizing the selection process for cannabis businesses, enabling them to concentrate on their core passions. MJstack’s unique approach ensures that each business finds its ideal technology stack, facilitating a more efficient and successful operation within the complex cannabis industry landscape. This focus on customization and efficiency makes MJstack a critical partner for cannabis businesses aiming for growth and success.

The Long Island Cannabis Coalition (LICC) offers a vital platform for consumers, influencers, and stakeholders within Long Island to delve into the significance of cannabis both as a therapeutic agent and a robust industry.

LICC champions the development of a sustainable and ethical cannabis sector on Long Island. With a membership comprising licensed providers, experts in the field, and related enterprises, LICC dedicates itself to enlightening and linking the local populace, government officials, and regulatory bodies. This initiative aims to enhance comprehension and address the requirements of Long Island’s cannabis business ecosystem.

Founded in 2017, CanMar Ventures Ltd. has become a leader in providing recruitment services for the Cannabis and Psychedelics Industry. Currently, CanMar provides a range of services including recruitment, education, and advertising. Additionally, it has launched The Hub by CanMar, an innovative technology platform tailored for the global cannabis and psychedelic community. This platform serves as a space where individuals with similar interests can connect, collaborate, and share in a space free from censorship, focusing on all aspects of cannabis and psychedelics. 

Since 2016, Cure8 has specialized in offering IT and security services tailored to the cannabis industry, facilitating the technology and security setup and management for numerous cannabis facilities across North America. This includes provisioning for the pioneering recreational stores in Canada. Their services are designed to ensure cannabis businesses, regardless of size or financial constraints, can secure professional-grade IT and security solutions essential for obtaining licenses, initiating operations, and maximizing their growth potential.

Green Check Verified (GCV) is revolutionizing the collaboration between cannabis enterprises and financial institutions. Established in 2017 by experts in technology, banking, and regulatory fields, GCV leads the market in providing cutting-edge cannabis technology and consultancy services to more financial institutions in the U.S. than any other company. Recognized in the 4th annual The Cannabis 50 as one of the industry’s 50 influencers, Green Check Verified has consistently earned accolades such as Top Compliance Company and Top Compliance Leader at the PBC Awards, the cannabis sector’s most prestigious recognitions. Additionally, it was ranked among the top three Best Places to Work in Fintech in 2022 by American Banker.

The Platform Cannabis Advisors (PCA) team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors of the cannabis industry. In collaboration with carefully selected Platform Partners, their efforts are characterized by deep insights and a commitment to supporting entrepreneurs. PCA’s suite of services includes real estate, financing, and advisory solutions, designed to equip cannabis entrepreneurs with affordable, top-tier support for their ventures. Furthermore, PCA offers regulatory, strategic, and financial consulting to businesses and policymakers alike.

CannabizMD, founded in 2017, champions the U.S. medical cannabis industry’s growth through education and collaboration. It has become a key resource for medical cannabis science and policy education globally, connecting stakeholders across the industry to enhance standards and patient care. Inspired by the principle of Tikkun Olam, or “repair of the world,” CannabizMD emphasizes societal benefit, transparency, and continuous improvement.