Sebastian Barros at CannDelta with Logo of the company

Sebastian Barros, MBA

Business Consultant

Sebastian Barros is a business professional with a deep passion for the intricacies of sales and a solid educational background in Business Administration. Chilean by birth, he has lived and worked in various cities across North and Central Chile. His early recognition of a keen interest in the business sector led him to specialize in the automotive industry, where he skillfully represented well-known brands such as Renault, Suzuki, and Mazda, gaining extensive knowledge in selling cars, fleets, and associated financial services.

His pursuit of professional development took him to New York City, where he lived for four years and expanded his expertise by earning a Master of Business Administration at the City University of New York. This period was instrumental in refining his business knowledge, negotiation skills, and international perspective, and it played a crucial role in shaping his leadership qualities.

Sebastian’s career has been marked by a variety of roles within different industries, focusing on sales and management, where he has consistently delivered successful outcomes. His business strategy is goal-oriented, with a continuous dedication to self-improvement and a flexible, sociable approach that complements his strong entrepreneurial drive.

In his current role with CannDelta, Sebastian operates as an Account Executive where he applies his year of experience to provides invaluable assistance to a diverse range of clients in the cannabis sector, helping them navigate the process of securing cannabis licenses in the U.S. market and advising on business decisions.