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Operations & Compliance Support

Operational Support ensures that your cannabis business runs smoothly, effectively, and professionally.

CannDelta Inc. is a leading regulatory and scientific cannabis consulting company based in Toronto, Canada; New York, New York; and Hackensack, New Jersey.

We pride ourselves in our extensive regulatory and scientific backgrounds, with educated and experienced consultants that have previously worked at Health Canada, within the food/pharma industry, and, most importantly, the Canadian cannabis industry.

Regulatory, Compliance and QA Team Support: Act with Confidence

CannDelta is a valuable regulatory compliance resource for licensed producers that are looking to have their team supported. We offer guidance and confidence in any issues that your regulatory or quality teams may be working through.

Preventive Control Plans (PCP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

CannDelta leads your PCP development; we work with your team to develop a completed PCP document specific to your site and ready for implementation, templates for future work, and training sessions from our experienced quality assurance (QAP) consultants to augment your team’s understanding of the principles of PCP execution and HACCP in order to allow you to confidently and successfully develop, amend, and implement PCPs at your site on a go-forward basis.

Standard Operating Procedures

Ensuring regulatory compliance while also maintaining clear, simple and effective operational protocols starts with a well-constructed set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). CannDelta proudly offers clients carefully crafted SOP suites for both federal cannabis producers and cannabis retail store operators. CannDelta’s consultants lend their knowledge and expertise – each holds advanced science degrees ranging in fields from chemistry, pharma, food, and, most importantly, cannabis. Our experienced team of scientists has collectively constructed packages of Standard Operating Procedures tailored to your specific operation and ready for implementation.

Site Perimeter Expansions or Secure Storage Changes or Additions

CannDelta can assist with second site licences, site perimeter changes and the addition of a secured storage room for cannabis. We will update your Organizational Security Plan, create a Good Production Practices document, Physical Security Plan, and Site Security Design.

Once construction is complete in the new space, CannDelta will provide site evidence with a guided video tour, filmed and edited by a professional crew to show your facility in the best light to your Health Canada reviewers and the licensing team.

Site Inspections and Mock Audits

CannDelta executes realistic and comprehensive on-site Health Canada inspections. Lead by a former Senior Compliance and Enforcement Inspector from Health Canada’s Cannabis Program, and you will receive a comprehensive inspection report exploring all current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement and preparation. Our inspection report is modelled from the current Health Canada audit report format. Key observations and recommendations will ensure that your facility is compliant and well-prepared for surprise audits. This service is great for regulatory due diligence or merger/acquisitions.

Inspections are available for pre-purchase/pre-lease facilities, in-progress build-outs, confirmation of readiness/evidence package support (pre-licensing), and post-licensing (targeted and full site).

Label Reviews

CannDelta can review prototypes of proposed packaging components and product labels for your upcoming product launch and ensure that all necessary regulatory requirements are met and that translations are accurate. We will provide your team with an in-depth review of your proposed packaging and labelling and provide guidance and suggestions, ensuring compliance while maintaining an effective level of branding to allow your product to stand out on the shelves.

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