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Pre-License Services

License Application Types


CannDelta can help you determine the right cannabis facility site. Popular services include Site Suitability, Regulatory Due Diligence, Leases, Mergers & Acquisitions, Audits, Floor Plan Design, Site Layout, Process Flow, Physical Security, and more. All of these services are standard in our turn-key cannabis application packages for new applicants.


A medical cannabis cultivator license must be registered by the Mississippi Department of Health. The license allows the holder to acquire, grow, cultivate, and harvest medical cannabis in an indoor, enclosed, locked, and secure area. The terms “cannabis cultivator”, “cultivator”, or “micro-cultivator” also have the same meaning.


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A medical cannabis processor license allows the registered holder to acquire cannabis from a medical cannabis cultivation facility or other cannabis processing facility, manufacture cannabis products, extract cannabinoids or concentrate cannabis, and sell cannabis to a medical cannabis transportation entity, cannabis testing facility, or cannabis research facility. Synonyms for a medical cannabis processor include cannabis processing facilities, processors, or cannabis processors.


CannDelta writes customized SOPs and will train your team on industry best practices and regulations. This includes training for Quality Management Systems (QMS), Deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) reports, regulatory audits, and cannabis security protocols.


Site Suitability, Zoning, Real Estate & Leases, Floor Plan Design, Physical Security, Marketing, Product Placement, Inventory Purchases, Inventory Tracking, and Record Keeping, Franchise Growth Strategy, Human Resources, and Budtender Training.


We can create customized business plans to help forecast your company’s success and predict when you will receive a return on your investment. Our plans contain pitch decks & customized logos, branding, and a marketing plan.


Distribution Logistics, Storage, Care-&-Custody Operational Procedures, Physical Security Procedures, Expansions


Mississippi Medical Cannabis Licenses

CannDelta is committed to working with the Mississippi State Department of Health to meet the statutory requirements of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act recently enacted by the Mississippi Legislature and signed by Governor Tate Reeves. Our goal is to provide safe and accessible services that meet the health & safety needs of Mississippi cannabis patients and residents.

Dispensaries: The Mississippi Department of Revenue will be responsible for the licensing of medical cannabis dispensaries beginning in July.


A practitioner and patient have a treatment or consulting relationship, during the course of which the practitioner, within his or her scope of practice, has completed an in-person assessment of the patient’s medical history and current mental health and medical condition and has documented their certification in the patient’s medical file.

Medical Practitioner

The practitioner has consulted in person with the patient with respect to the patient’s debilitating medical condition. The practitioner is available to or offers to provide follow-up care and treatment to the patient.

Cannabis Cultivation Facility

A business entity licensed and registered by the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) that acquires, grows, cultivates and harvests medical cannabis in an indoor, enclosed, locked and secure area.

Cannabis Transportation Entity

An independent entity licensed and registered by the Mississippi State Department of Health that is involved in the commercial transportation of medical cannabis.

Cannabis Testing Facility

An independent entity licensed and registered by the Mississippi State Department of Health that analyzes the safety and potency of cannabis.

Cannabis Waste Disposal Entity

A business licensed and registered by the Mississippi Department of Health involved in the commercial disposal or destruction of medical cannabis.

Cannabis Research Facility

A research facility at any university or college in this state or an independent entity licensed and registered by MSDH pursuant to this chapter that acquires cannabis from cannabis cultivation facilities and cannabis processing facilities in order to research cannabis, develop best practices for specific medical conditions, develop medicines and provide commercial access for medical use.

Cannabis Processing Facility

A business entity licensed and registered by the Mississippi State Department of Health that acquires or intends to acquire cannabis from a cannabis cultivation facility. Possesses cannabis with the intent to manufacture a cannabis product. Manufactures or intends to manufacture a cannabis product from unprocessed cannabis or a cannabis extract; Sells or intends to sell a cannabis product to a medical cannabis dispensary, cannabis testing facility or cannabis research facility.

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Business Licenses in Mississippi

On June 2022, MSDH began accepting online license applications for:

  • patients
  • medical practitioners
  • cannabis cultivation facilities
  • cannabis processing facilities
  • cannabis testing facilities
  • cannabis waste disposal entities
  • cannabis transportation entities

Approval times: The application process began in June 2022, and MS stated there will be a 30-day approval time for licensure applications and a five-day approval time for program patients.

Dispensaries will be licensed by the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR). Click the link below to learn more and get in touch now!

Business Registration in Mississippi

If a company plans to apply for licensure through the Mississippi State Department of Health for any aspect of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program, potential applicants should first register with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

As part of this registration, entities are required to select an NAICS Code as part of their formation or registration. If the company is interested in being licensed to participate in the Medical Cannabis Program, the applicable NAICS codes are given below.

Type of Licensure NAICS Code
Cultivator/Grower 111419
Processor/Wholesaler 424590
Transporter (local freight) 484220
Transporter (long distance) 484230
Testing Facility 621511
Dispensary 453998
Waste Disposal 562211