Natural Health Products Licensing

Since 2004, all-natural health products sold in Canada have been subject to the Natural Health Products Regulations. Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) regulates NHPs and non-prescription drugs in Canada.A ‘Natural Health Product’ (or “NHP”) refers to a range of products that are used to prevent or treat a condition, to reduce health risks, or to maintain good health. Unlike prescription drugs, NHPs are sold as over-the-counter products for consumer use. Common NHPs include vitamins, workout supplements, plant & herbal remedies, traditional & homeopathic medicines, and certain non-prescription drugs & disinfectants.


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CannDelta wants to build world-leading strategies with companies working in the natural health product industry. From legalization to large-scale research and development, CannDelta works with industry experts to achieve a better, more profitable future for the regulated and scientific community worldwide.

Natural Health Products Licensing Services

  • Natural Health Product Site Licences
  • Natural Health Product Licensing
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Import/Export
  • Reporting for Adverse Reactions

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