Post-Application Process for Non-provisional Cannabis Applications in New York

New York's OCM reveals updates to cannabis license applications for the non-provisional review list during the recent webinar on January 16, 2024.

New York Office of Cannabis Management Provides Licensing Updates for non-Provisional Applicants for Retail Dispensaries and Micro-Businesses

CannDelta Provides an Update on the January 16th 2024 OCM Webinar

The world of cannabis licensing in New York has taken an exciting turn with the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) publishing the list of applicants for cannabis retail and microbusiness licenses. With 250 retail and 110 microbusiness licenses up for grabs in the provisional category, the stakes are high. If you’re in the top ranks of these lists, your chances look promising.

The OCM received a staggering 1850 non-provisional license applications, with the final count standing at 1390 after removing duplicates. This includes 1025 retail and 365 microbusiness applications, out of which 1010 are SEE (social equity enterprises) applicants. The OCM has set the cap at 250 retail licenses and 110 microbusiness licenses for this round.

The OCM has set a cap of 250 Adult-Use Retail Dispensary Licenses and 110 Adult-Use Microbusiness Licenses for this Round.

Your position in the queue is crucial. It determines the order of application review by the OCM but does not guarantee license issuance. The process includes a thorough review, with deficiencies being flagged. If you’re within the top 250 for retail or top 110 for microbusiness, your chances are high. However, even those in the top 300 for retail and top 150 for micro can still harbor hopes as applications may get rejected for various reasons.

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