Why Your Business Needs More Than Just a Cannabis Lawyer

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The rapidly expanding cannabis industry presents a diverse range of opportunities but also comes with complex and nuanced challenges. While the immediate response might be to ask, “Why hire a cannabis lawyer?” or “Do I need a cannabis lawyer?” it’s equally important to understand that your cannabis business may require more extensive support. Specifically, you may need to consider the multifaceted benefits offered by a cannabis consultant who can provide expertise far beyond the legal domain.


What Does a Cannabis Lawyer Do?

There’s no questioning the integral role that a cannabis lawyer plays in the industry. They are adept at handling complex federal legal requirements for establishing and operating cannabis businesses. 

Cannabis lawyers are also crucial for helping businesses adhere to state laws, providing a robust understanding of the dynamic cannabis legalization to ensure longevity and success. But while their expertise is indispensable for legal safeguards and regulatory compliance, their role is relatively confined.

The Broad Spectrum of Services Offered by Cannabis Consultants

Cannabis consultants, alternatively seen as strategic partners, provide a wellspring of comprehensive solutions that can revolutionize your cannabis business. They can handle all functions that a cannabis lawyer can, while extending their services far beyond the legal sphere. Whether you’re a budding start-up or a rooted operation, the consulting services offered can help your business thrive amidst the weeds of industry challenges.

Consulting isn’t merely about offering advice—it’s akin to a sage guiding you through the journey. It involves an informed approach to problem analysis, solution provision, implementation support, and preparing you for future problem-solving. Just like a strategic partner, consultants are proactive, presenting comprehensive strategies tailored to your business. Their experience across a diverse spectrum of projects empowers them to identify innovative business solutions and detect budding opportunities, thus providing unbiased, creative strategies that are as unique as your needs.

Setting Up Your New Business for Success

Launching a cannabis business is a complex process, filled with challenges that extend beyond financing and product development. A cannabis consultant’s role here is indispensable. They offer expertise in setting up your new venture and guide you through every critical step, ensuring you’re set up for success.

Zoning Issues: Consultants help navigate local zoning laws, crucial for launching your cannabis business. With their understanding of varying regulations across municipalities, they can assist in finding the right location for your business and resolving any zoning-related disputes.

Fighting Application Pushback: Application pushback is common in the cannabis industry. A cannabis consultant can help strategically address these challenges, guiding you on how to present your case and amending your application to maximize its chances of acceptance.

Business Plans: Consultants assist in developing comprehensive business plans, outlining your business’s operational structure, marketing strategies, revenue projections, and more. They ensure the plan focuses not just on immediate success but also on long-term sustainability and growth.

Did you know

Venture capitalists are now viewing the cannabis industry in the same light as the early days of the Internet? The total cannabis investment in North America reached $4.3 billion in 2020, a 300% increase from the previous year.

Community Support: Gaining community support is integral in the cannabis industry, often misrepresented due to its controversial nature. Consultants guide you on educating the local community about your business, addressing their concerns, and building a positive relationship with them.

Licenses & Permits: Consultants simplify the process of obtaining necessary licenses and permits, guiding you through every stage of the application procedures to increase your chances of approval.

Budgeting & Financing: Consultants aid in budgeting, managing financial resources, and identifying potential investment opportunities. They provide an understanding of costs associated with various aspects like build-out, internal operations, application costs, marketing, and employee compensation.

Affordability and Cost Efficiency: Engaging a cannabis consultant can be a cost-effective choice as they typically charge a flat fee, unlike cannabis lawyers who bill hourly, potentially escalating costs. Reputable firms like CannDelta offer comprehensive services for a one-time fee, helping to avoid costly mistakes and streamline processes. Therefore, cannabis consultants provide a broad range of services that could lead to better business outcomes while keeping costs predictable.

Regulatory Compliance: A cannabis consultant ensures your business adheres to all relevant local and state regulations, crucial for the survival of your cannabis business. From product testing and square footage caps to property security, inventory procedure, sales procedure, and marketing laws, they help your business remain compliant at all times.

Growing Your Cannabis Network

Software Solutions: The fast-paced evolution of the cannabis industry has brought technology to the forefront. To keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently, you’ll need reliable software solutions like seed-to-sale tracking systems, inventory management software, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Cannabis consultants, with their extensive network, can connect you with trusted software vendors or even negotiate favorable deals for you.

Vertical or Horizontal Integration: Your state’s regulations may allow for opportunities in vertical or horizontal integration. Vertical integration involves managing multiple stages of production and distribution within your business, while horizontal integration refers to expanding your business within the same sector. Such strategies can offer significant benefits like cost savings, increased control, and market dominance. A cannabis consultant can guide you on the feasibility and benefits of these strategies in your state, given the regulatory landscape. They can also connect you with potential partners for collaboration or acquisition, leveraging their industry network.

Industry Insights and Trends: Cannabis consultants stay updated on the latest industry trends, policy changes, and emerging opportunities in the cannabis market. This knowledge can give you a competitive edge and inform strategic decisions. Furthermore, consultants often participate in industry forums, conferences, and events, providing a valuable source of insights and connections.

Developing Your Staff

Cannabis consultants also play a pivotal role in staff development. They bring invaluable industry experience and leadership skills to the table. The methodologies, attitudes, and approaches they use can significantly impact your management team, enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field.

In conclusion, while the question, “Do I need a cannabis lawyer?” has an obvious answer, it’s essential to recognize that your business may require more comprehensive assistance. Cannabis consultants offer an all-encompassing solution for your business, managing legalities while simultaneously providing a well-rounded business strategy, industry insights, growth plans, and much more.

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