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Why You Need Social Media Marketing for Your Dispensary You didn’t work through extensive paperwork and invest substantial capital to open a dispensary that doesn’t

12 Dispensaries Coming to Surrey In the fifth year since the legalization of recreational cannabis in British Columbia, Surrey, the province’s second most populated city,

The Core of Cannabis Products If you’re thinking about jumping into the cultivation or processing scene and turning trichomes into profit, you’ll need to know

Understanding Consumers & Ensuring Repeat Customers The United States holds the largest portion of legal recreational cannabis sales worldwide, with almost $34 billion in generated

Recreational Cannabis and Cannabis Clubs in Germany Germany will be authorizing the world’s first not-for-profit cannabis clubs on July 1, 2024.  Germany passed the CanG

Launching Your New York Cannabis Dispensary, the Right way Have you secured an Adult-Use Dispensary license in New York, but unsure of your next move?

DC Retail & Internet Retail (Medical) Applications Overview Washington DC’s Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Administration (ABCA) is now accepting Medical Cannabis Retailer license applications! Here’s

Why you Need to Attend Cannabis Industry Events! 2024 is jam-packed with cannabis industry events all over North America. By actively participating in events, CannDelta

What is a Business Continuity Plan? The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) provides guidelines and procedures in response to events that would significantly impact the ownership,

New York Cannabis: February 16, 2024 CCB Meeting News and Resolutions The Office of Cannabis Control Management (OCM) held a board meeting on February 16,

Applying for a Maryland Cannabis License in 2024 Maryland’s first application round ended on December 30, 2023, and brought in 1,708 applications from social-equity applicants.

Wondering How you can Build a Cannabis Business in New York in 2024? Whether you’re looking to build a business from scratch or shift your

Ohio’s cannabis market is looking at a promising future with new proposed rules. Dual-use licenses give medical marijuana facilities a cost free path into the
The moment you receive a deficiency notice, contact a cannabis expert. Cannabis lawyers might not be able to help you here as this is not

Cannabis Consumption Lounge License in New York Cannabis consumption sites in New York are designed to be lounge-like locations, reminiscent of a bar or restaurant,

CannDelta Inc., a globally recognized leader in cannabis consulting, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with CanMar Ventures Ltd., a pioneer in the cannabis

Operating a cannabis microbusiness in New York presents unique for a licensed cannabis producer to fall on both the production and retail tiers. There are

What’s a MINOR Cannabinoid? THC and CBD as cannabinoids are widely discussed in the cannabis industry and daily in each retail dispensary. However, mature markets

Ohio: The Next State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis The evolving landscape of marijuana legalization in the United States is witnessing another significant chapter. Ohio is

Is Cannabis Legal in New York? Yes, New York has taken progressive steps in the direction of cannabis legalization. With the establishment of the New

The cannabis landscape in New York has witnessed a dramatic shift, offering budding entrepreneurs a golden opportunity. Whether you’re a novice or an industry veteran,

Everything you Need to Know to Complete a Cannabis License Application in Maryland: A Comprehensive Guide By CannDelta Cannabis License Consultants Welcome, budding entrepreneurs! As

These are the Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses Available for New York State That You Can Apply for Starting On October 4th, 2023.   Guide to New

Another Lawsuit For The OCM Threatens Current Industry Stakeholders As the ‘Big Apple’ takes bold strides in the cannabis sector, a whirlwind of business prospects,

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CannDelta Responds to Mastercard’s Recent Restrictions on Dispensary Transactions NEW YORK, NY – July 27th 2023 – CannDelta, a leading cannabis

All You Need to Know About the Cannabis Growers Showcase The landscape of the cannabis industry in New York is evolving, with new initiatives providing

Navigate New York cannabis laws with our guide, highlighting the latest on dispensaries, earnings, and recent enforcement actions.

Navigating New York’s Cannabis Framework With the question of “Is cannabis legal in New York 2023?” looming large, the answer is a resounding yes. Ever since New

The Office of Cannabis Management to Begin Reviewing Applications in October – New CAURD Licenses Awarded The Cannabis Control Board held their July 19th meeting

NEW YORK CANNABIS LICENSES Microbusiness License Application A microbusiness cannabis license allows for craft or small-batch cultivators to own and operate an adult-use cannabis retail

New York Cannabis License Applications Open Soon The Office of Cannabis Management is expected to open the public portal for all New York Cannabis License

IRC Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code is a daunting hurdle for cannabis businesses, including retail dispensaries. Author: Dr. Lucas C. McCann In short,

If you’re asking yourself ‘how to open a cannabis dispensary in New Jersey’, you’re not alone. The cannabis industry has seen exponential growth recently, with

The rapidly expanding cannabis industry presents a diverse range of opportunities but also comes with complex and nuanced challenges. While the immediate response might be

Discover the innovative concept of a New York consumption lounge, paving the way for a controlled, enjoyable cannabis experience.

As the cannabis industry experiences rapid growth and development, liquor store owners are discovering small business opportunities in this new sector. With their knowledge and

Imagine, if you will, a cadre of regulators, like sheriffs in an old western, striding down the dusty streets of New York City. Their mission?

Navigate NY’s cannabis licensing process with our guide on processor license requirements, costs, and application steps.

If you’re looking to embark on the path of becoming a CAURD licensee in New York, understanding the CAURD license application process and exploring dispensary

New York City (NYC) is an economic powerhouse, a melting pot of diverse industries, and a city that never sleeps. It was founded as a trading

The cannabis retail industry is currently thriving, with entrepreneurs eager to capture a portion of this lucrative market. A dispensary can generate about $1000 per

Embarking on a cannabis venture in Missouri? Understanding the ins and outs of the Missouri cannabis license process, especially regarding microbusinesses, is vital. A Missouri

Are you interested in joining the rapidly evolving cannabis industry in Missouri but are unsure of the steps to take? You might be asking yourself,

Mississippi is on the verge of becoming the 37th state to legalize medical cannabis. The state’s Medical Cannabis Act was passed by lawmakers last year,