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CannDelta partners with CanMar to Enhance Cannabis Industry Services

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CannDelta Inc., a globally recognized leader in cannabis consulting, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with CanMar Ventures Ltd., a pioneer in the cannabis and psychedelics industry. This partnership is set to create a powerful synergy in the cannabis sector, combining CannDelta’s expertise in licensing, compliance, and regulatory consulting with CanMar’s prowess in recruitment, education, and advertising.

The most direct impact of this partnership for clients will be the expanded range of services. For CannDelta’s clients, access to CanMar’s recruitment and training expertise means they can more effectively scale and enhance their workforce. Conversely, CanMar’s clients stand to gain from CannDelta’s deep insights into regulatory compliance, a critical aspect in the cannabis industry.

CanMar’s input could significantly bolster the human capital aspect for CannDelta’s clientele. The right talent and training are vital in an industry that is still defining its standards and best practices. This partnership could mean better access to trained professionals who understand the nuances of the cannabis sector.

"As we embark on this partnership with CanMar, we see it as more than a collaboration; it's a strategic alignment of values and visions. Our goal has always been to demystify the complexities of the cannabis industry for our clients, and by joining forces with CanMar, we are enhancing our ability to do just that. This partnership signifies our commitment to providing comprehensive, integrated solutions that not only address today's challenges but also anticipate tomorrow's opportunities in the cannabis sector."


KD Khairah – CanMar

About CanMar Ventures Ltd.

Founded in 2017, CanMar Ventures Ltd. has been at the forefront of recruitment services within the Cannabis and Psychedelics Industry. Expanding its portfolio, CanMar now offers a wide range of services including education, advertising, and The Hub by CanMar – an innovative tech platform dedicated to the global cannabis and psychedelic community.