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How To Get a New York Cannabis Cultivator License: A Complete Guide To Success

Navigate New York's cannabis cultivation licensing process with our comprehensive guide. Discover fees, regulations & preparation steps.

Last November, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) unveiled the much-anticipated regulations for adult use Cannabis licenses in New York. Following the OCM’s decision to award the first 36 conditional adult-use retail dispensary licenses to qualified justice-involved individuals, we are now looking at a promising cannabis market in New York, with products grown by state-licensed cultivators.

Navigating the budding world of cannabis cultivation is an exciting endeavor. Many of our readers ask us, “how to get a grow license in NY?” or “how to get a license to grow CBD?” There’s a wealth of opportunity to explore, whether your interest lies in cultivating THC-rich strains or focusing on the therapeutic non-psychoactive compound, CBD. Today, we aim to answer these questions and outline the necessary steps on how to get a cultivation license in New York. Keep reading to understand the journey from application to approved cultivator.

How to get a License to Grow Marijuana in NY

Before diving into the details of the cannabis license application, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Cultivation Size: Identify your intended cultivation size.
  • Cultivation Tier: Define your cultivation tier based on your operation’s size.
  • Cultivation Type: Consider whether your operation will be indoor, outdoor, or a hybrid of both, as each imposes specific limits on uses and light sources.
  • Number of Licenses: Remember, a cultivator can only possess one cultivator license in New York but can operate multiple sites. For commercial purposes, a license to cultivate cannabis is mandatory.

Though the online application for a cannabis cultivator license is not yet available, there are preparatory steps you can take. Licensed cultivators are permitted to propagate cannabis, creating their seeds, clones, or performing tissue culture. A cultivator can acquire cuttings, seedlings, seeds, and clones, as well as tissue from any licensed nursery.

Unfortunately, the window for applying to become a conditional cannabis cultivator in New York closed in June 2022. However, bear in mind that holders of an adult-use New York cultivator license can also hold a cannabis processor license and a distribution license, providing they meet the unique criteria for these licenses.

It is essential to note that holders of a cannabis cultivator license in New York, or indeed any other location, cannot be granted an adult-use cannabis retail dispensary license or a license to operate a cannabis consumption lounge.

What is the Cost of a Cannabis Cultivator License in New York?

Now, let’s discuss the financial aspect – the NY cultivator license cost. Here are the application fees for indoor cultivation for each tier:

Outdoor cultivation licensing fees are the least expensive, starting as low as $1,000 for under 5,000 square feet, while mixed-lighting operations fall somewhere in between in terms of cost.

Becoming a cannabis cultivator in the state of New York is an exciting journey filled with potential. Even though the process may appear complex, with knowledge and preparedness, you can navigate the cannabis industry landscape successfully. Stay informed about any new regulations or changes to the licensing process, and remember, the future is green and bright for cannabis entrepreneurs in the Empire State. If you want to know more, take a look at other cannabis blog posts. Best of luck on your journey towards cannabis cultivation!

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