Application Requirements For a Marijuana Microbusiness License In Missouri 2023

Are you interested in joining the rapidly evolving cannabis industry in Missouri but are unsure of the steps to take? You might be asking yourself, “how much does it cost to apply for a marijuana license in Missouri?” or “what do I need to apply for a marijuana license in Missouri?” This article aims to demystify the Missouri microbusiness license requirements, giving you a clear understanding of what you need and what it will cost you.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that applying for a Missouri marijuana license, specifically a microbusiness license, does carry a cost. Currently, the application fee is $1,500. This fee must be submitted along with your application to be considered for the licensing lottery.

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Now that we’ve tackled the question of cost, let’s delve into what you need for a successful application.

Applicants seeking a Missouri marijuana license must meet specific eligibility requirements. Here are some of the key MO application requirements:

  1. The applicant’s financial status plays a significant role in the eligibility for a MO marijuana license. If your net worth does not exceed $250,000 and your income falls below 250% of the federal poverty level (for instance, if you are a family of 4, your annual income should be below $75,000), you meet one of the crucial financial criteria for applying. This requirement is designed to facilitate the participation of smaller players in the marijuana market and ensure that the industry is not solely dominated by individuals or entities with significant financial resources. 

  2. For veterans who have been issued a service-connected disability card by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or a similar agency, eligibility for a Missouri marijuana microbusiness license is within reach. This requirement acknowledges the challenges veterans may face when transitioning back to civilian life and the potential therapeutic benefits that medical marijuana can offer for service-related disabilities.

  3. If the applicant or their parent, guardian, or spouse has been involved in a non-violent marijuana offense (excluding instances of providing marijuana to a minor or DUIs involving marijuana), they are still eligible to apply. This aspect of the eligibility criteria must have occurred at least a year before applying. It recognizes the changing legal and societal attitudes towards marijuana use and seeks to offer individuals affected by previous marijuana laws a chance to participate in the legal marijuana market.

  4. A strong emphasis is put on supporting communities that have faced economic hardships. If you reside in an area where 30% or more of the population lives under the federal poverty level, unemployment rates are 50% higher than the state’s average, or the historical rate of imprisonment for marijuana-related offenses is 50% higher than the state’s rate, you’re eligible to apply. This rule serves as a measure of social equity, designed to give opportunities to those living in areas disproportionately impacted by poverty, unemployment, or previous marijuana legislation.

  5. The last point revolves around education. If you have graduated from an unaccredited school district or have spent at least three of the past five years living in a ZIP code with an unaccredited school district, you meet another of the eligibility requirements. This stipulation aims to offer opportunities to individuals who may have been disadvantaged by their educational circumstances.

While satisfying multiple criteria can bolster your application’s strength, meeting all of them isn’t mandatory for the Missouri marijuana microbusiness license application. The goal is to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable marijuana industry in Missouri.

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