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Maryland Social-Equity Application Selection Lottery Draw March 14, 2024

What Happened in Maryland's Social Equity Lottery Draw?

On Thursday March 14, 2024, Maryland’s Cannabis Administration (MCA) held the first social-equity (SE) lottery draw to select applicants for micro dispensary, standard dispensary, micro grower, standard grower, micro processor, and standard processor, conditional licenses. The selected applicants will not be awarded a conditional license until after further review of eligibility requirements, ownership, and control.

There was a total of about 1700 applicants, 1514 of which were entered into 40 different lottery pools dependant on the application type. The lottery included 873 applications for both standard and micro dispensaries, 449 for standard and micro growers, and 192 for standard and micro processors.

The Counties of: Kent, Somerset, Calvert, and Talbot were not included in the standard dispensary lottery drawing.

Lottery Results

What's Happens Next?

All the chosen applicants will be notified of further details about the review process before conditional licenses can be distributed.

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