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    SmartTending Training

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    BudTender & Manager Retail Training for Fast-Growing Stores

    Running a cannabis retail store has many moving parts – From hiring and managing staff, controlling inventory, reporting, security, compliance, POS and other areas. We can help ensure your enterprise is operating at peak efficiency to support your brand and enhance customer experience though our SmartTending Cannabis Fundamentals course.

    The SmartTending: Cannabis Retail Fundamentals course that CannDelta delivers is ideal for new or fast-growing cannabis retail stores that are building for success in a competitive market. Delivered over several days, the course is comprised of modules that cover everything that budtenders and store managers need to provide a top-tier customer service experience, all while remaining compliant under federal and provincial cannabis regulations.

    SmartTending Cannabis Fundamentals

    The course modules include:

    Module 1 – Cannabis Basics 1: The Plant
    Overview: Introduction to the biology of the cannabis plant, including details of subspecies and cultivars. Description of basic chemistry, including an introduction to terpenes and cannabinoids. The physiological effects will be discussed.

    Module 2 – Cannabis Basics 2: Society
    Overview: History of cannabis in society including restriction decriminalization and legalization. Cultivation and processing will be discussed along with a strong emphasis on product classes and types.

    Module 3 – Regulatory Overview
    Overview: Describes the federal and provincial regulations that control the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis. Specific topics will include inducements to sell, health claims, and advertising.

    Module 4 – Standard Operating Procedures
    Overview:  Introduces controlled substance operations, record-keeping, reporting and standardization. Highlights key standard operating procedures that are of critical importance to the compliant operation of a cannabis retail store. Including filling of daily operations forms.

    Module 5 – Manager’s Training
    Overview: Highlights key responsibilities for employees carrying out responsibilities under a Cannabis Retail Manager’s Licence. Additionally, delineates responsibilities that non-manager employees are not authorized to carry out.

    Module 6 – Customer Experience
    Overview: Sales specific training that focuses on fostering a welcoming and productive sales environment by implementing industry best practices, upselling without inducement, creating returning customers by creating a developed and intentional customer experience. 

    Module 7 – The Ontario Cannabis Store and You
    Overview: An important session that covers how managers will be working within the framework created within the OCS, filling buy sheets, inventory reporting, best practices, shipping/receiving and what the future holds for change.

    And many more…

    Check out what our CSO & Co-Founder, Dr. Lucas McCann, has to say about cannabis retail training and how CannDelta Inc.’s SmartTending Cannabis Training programs can prepare your employees in all areas of cannabis retail!

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