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    New Brunswick Cannabis Retail Licence

    What you need to know

    Private Cannabis Retail Store Opportunities will Present Themselves in the Near Future, as soon as Early 2022.

    All cannabis outlets and online sales are authorized and regulated by the government-owned Cannabis NB, which is a subsidiary of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (ANBL). There are currently 20 Cannabis NB dispensaries in New Brunswick.

    A recent bill, entitled “An Act Respecting the Retail Sale of Cannabis” was given first reading today in the Legislative Assembly by Finance Minister Ernie Steeves.

    The bill, if it passes, would allow for Cannabis New Brunswick (the only provincial regulator, distributor, and retailer) to expand it’s model by licensing private subsidiaries to operate under the crown corporation. 

    In November 2019, Cannabis NB announced that it will transition from a crown corporation into the private sector due to significant losses incurred. A major challenge has been that unlike other smaller provinces like Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, New Brunswick only permits stand-alone cannabis retail stores that are not associated with other stores (e.g., liquor stores).

    New Brunswick received 8 proposals to privatize cannabis sales in response to a December 2019 request for proposals (RFP) for a single private operator. The government announced a single private operator in the spring of 2020.

    The eight companies that submitted proposals are:

    • Canopy Growth Corp.

    • Fire & Flower Inc.

    • Green Shop Cannabis Ltd.

    • Kiaro Brands Inc.

    • Loblaw Companies Ltd.

    • New Brunswick Association of Cannabis Distributors

    • RSL NB

    • YSS Corp.

    Once New Brunswick transitions to a private retail model, CannDelta will be here to help!

    Reach out today for a free consultation on how to get started on your licensing application for New Brunswick! 

    By this point, you’re probably wondering “How much does it cost to open a dispensary in New Brunswick?” Download our free e-book below for all the answers you’ve been looking for. 

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