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What is a Business Continuity Plan? The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) provides guidelines and procedures in response to events that would significantly impact the ownership,

New York Cannabis: February 16, 2024 CCB Meeting News and Resolutions The Office of Cannabis Control Management (OCM) held a board meeting on February 16,

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Applying for a Maryland Cannabis License in 2024 Maryland’s first application round ended on December 30, 2023, and brought in 1,708 applications from social-equity applicants.

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Wondering How you can Build a Cannabis Business in New York in 2024? Whether you’re looking to build a business from scratch or shift your

Ohio’s cannabis market is looking at a promising future with new proposed rules. Dual-use licenses give medical marijuana facilities a cost free path into the
New York’s OCM reveals updates to cannabis license applications for the non-provisional review list during the recent webinar on January 16, 2024.
The moment you receive a deficiency notice, contact a cannabis expert. Cannabis lawyers might not be able to help you here as this is not

Cannabis Consumption Lounge License in New York Cannabis consumption sites in New York are designed to be lounge-like locations, reminiscent of a bar or restaurant,

The partnership between CannDelta and CanMar

CannDelta Inc., a globally recognized leader in cannabis consulting, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with CanMar Ventures Ltd., a pioneer in the cannabis

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Operating a cannabis microbusiness in New York presents unique for a licensed cannabis producer to fall on both the production and retail tiers. There are