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Edibles Manufacturing

Class: Processing Subclass: Standard or Micro Edibles Licence (Processing Licence) A Standard Processing Licence authorizes its holder to purchase and possess cannabis, and process cannabis extracts

Outdoor Cultivation

CannDelta has experience consulting businesses that want to know how to start an outdoor cannabis growing business and wish to obtain a Standard Cultivation (Outdoor)

Cannabis Nursery Licence

Class: Cultivation Subclass: Nursery CannDelta has experience consulting businesses that wish to obtain a cannabis nursery licence in Canada, the US, and worldwide. A cannabis

Micro Processing

Class: Processing Subclass: Micro Our internationally acclaimed cannabis regulatory business consultants know the nuances of Micro Processing Licences. The holder of a Micro Processing Licence is

Micro Cultivation

Obtaining a cannabis micro cultivation licence allows a licensee to obtain and possess cannabis and cannabis plants or seeds by propagating, cultivating and harvesting. A

Psychedelics Compliance

We currently work in Oregon, Canada, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to help support psychedelics research and wellness initiatives. PsyDelta is the psychedelics-focused regulatory

Standard Processing

Class: Processing Subclass: Standard A Standard Processing Licence authorizes its holder to purchase and possess cannabis and process cannabis extracts (i.e., extraction to oil using

Standard Cultivation

The Standard Cultivation Licence is needed if you plan to cultivate, propagate, and harvest fresh cannabis plants and seeds indoors, dry and cure, and sell bulk-packaged cannabis

Industrial Hemp Licence

What is an Industrial Hemp Licence? The Industrial Hemp Licence is needed to cultivate, sell, import, export, clean, prepare, process (all parts of the hemp

Analytical Testing Licence

Class: Analytical Testing The Analytical Testing licence is needed for individuals and corporations who wish to possess cannabis and to alter the chemical or physical properties of