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What Are The Different Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses in New York State?

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These are the Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses Available for New York State That You Can Apply for Starting On October 4th, 2023.


Guide to New York’s Adult-Use Cannabis License Types

Cannabis legalization has gained significant momentum in recent years, with various states opening their doors to recreational and medicinal use. One such state is New York, which introduced the Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) in 2021. This legislation birthed various license types, overseen by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). As CannDelta, your reliable cannabis license consultant, here’s an easy guide to help you navigate the landscape.

1. Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator License

  • Adult-Use Cultivator: Allows the cultivation and sale of cannabis to processors. An entity can hold only one such license, and while they can also hold a processor and distributor license, they cannot have interests in the retail space.
  • Adult-Use Nursery: Licensees can produce and sell clones, seeds, and other specific agricultural products for planting and propagation. An adult-use cultivator can hold a nursery license.

2. Adult-Use Cannabis Processor License

  • Adult-Use Processor: This license allows the extraction and manufacture of concentrated cannabis or cannabis products. They can also distribute their own products but are restricted from the retail tier.

3. Adult-Use Cannabis Distributor License

  • Adult-Use Distributor: Distributors can sell cannabis at wholesale and have no interests in the retail space.

4. Adult-Use Cannabis Special Business License

  • Adult-Use Cooperative: This license allows the cooperative to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis, but not directly to consumers. Cooperatives operate on democratic principles with one vote per member.
  • Adult-Use Microbusiness: A versatile license permitting cultivation, processing, distribution, delivery, and retailing. However, they can’t have interests in other license types.

5. Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary License

  • Adult-Use Retail Dispensary: Permits the sale of cannabis products to consumers. One entity can own up to three retail dispensary licenses but can’t be involved in cultivation, processing, or distribution.
  • Adult-Use On-site Consumption: For businesses that want to provide an area for consumers to use cannabis. Such businesses can’t be involved in the cultivation, processing, or distribution tiers.

6. Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery License

  • Adult-Use Delivery: Authorizes the delivery of cannabis and cannabis products. Each licensee can employ up to 25 full-time delivery personnel.

7. Adult-Use Cannabis Registered Organization Licenses

  • Registered Organization Cultivator Processor Distributor Retail Dispensary: This is a combined license offering privileges of cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail.
  • Registered Organization Cultivator Processor Distributor: Another combined license, but it excludes retail.

It’s crucial for potential business owners to carefully consider their business goals and match them with the right license type. Understanding ownership limits and restrictions is paramount to ensuring long-term compliance and success. Stay tuned with CannDelta for the most accurate and comprehensive guidance on your cannabis journey!