Launching a Cannabis Business in New York: How CannDelta Assists You Step-by-Step

Who Needs a Cannabis Consultant Anyway?

New York’s journey to cannabis legalization is much like the plant itself – full of growth, phases, and promise. The Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) has created vast opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs looking to delve into the cannabis industry. Yet, many are overwhelmed by the intricacies of acquiring a license, ensuring compliance, and managing the operational hurdles. Once you have decided what license type(s) are best to apply for, keeping in mind New York’s two tier system for production and sale, this is how CannDelta, America’s #1 Cannabis Licensing Firm can assist you.

Enter CannDelta, your dedicated partner in making your cannabis dream a concrete reality in New York. Let’s shed light on the multifaceted services we offer, aimed to ensure your success in this budding industry.

1. License Application Package for Adult-Use Cannabis Manufacturer/Processor License:
Securing the right license is paramount. At CannDelta, we specialize in aiding our clients with the application package tailored for the Adult-Use Cannabis Manufacturer/Processor license under MRTA. Our holistic package includes:

  • Comprehensive application particulars ensuring a successful submission and license issuance.
  • Expert advice on business profiling, emphasizing an optimal organizational structure.
  • Site feasibility evaluations and municipal zoning verifications to ensure your selected location is perfect for your venture.
  • Detailed site plans and operating plans covering every aspect, from security protocols to local ordinance compliance.
  • In-depth safety, security, and energy/environmental plans to ensure you’re ahead in the industry’s sustainability curve.
  • Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) tailored to meet all OCM licensing requirements.

2. Municipal/Community Outreach:
It’s not just about state regulations; local communities matter too. Our services ensure you have a strong standing at the municipal level by:

  • Crafting introductory documents such as retail operations letters of intent for landlords.
  • Providing municipal approval application support, which covers everything from documentation drafting to virtual town hall participation.

3. Compliance & Regulatory Advisory:
We continuously update our knowledge base to align with the ever-evolving cannabis regulatory framework. Our team:

  • Offers recommendations consistent with industry practices to ensure your facilities, systems, and procedures are on point.
  • Provides support in various project aspects that tie into your Application Packages, such as vendor recommendations.

4. Communication & Support:
Our commitment doesn’t end with an application submission. We:

  • Engage in conference calls with clients to ensure transparency and understanding.
  • Liaise with OCM reviewers, addressing all queries both pre and post-application submission.
  • Swiftly respond to any OCM requests for clarifications or objections, ensuring that your application stands strong throughout its review.

In essence, CannDelta isn’t just a consulting firm; we’re a partner committed to your success. The cannabis industry, with all its potential, requires expertise, persistence, and strategic vision. Together, let’s craft a cannabis venture in New York that’s not just profitable but also paves the way for a greener, more inclusive future.

Looking to embark on your cannabis journey in New York? Call us toll-free and speak to a consultant now!