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7 Reasons why Cannabis Drinks are the Future of Legal Marijuana Market

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Explore the 7 compelling reasons to venture into the cannabis drinks market, from enhanced bioavailability to vast consumer appeal and potential growth.

As the world warms up to the idea of legalized marijuana, the realm of cannabis products is expanding beyond conventional smoking and edibles. Notably, cannabis beverages or ‘cannabis drinks’ are an emerging trend revolutionizing the cannabis industry. The combination of sophisticated science and the appeal of everyday beverages, such as coffee, soda, or tea, with the benefits of THC and CBD, is proving to be a potent recipe for success.

Cannabis drinks offer a more controlled and predictable user experience compared to traditional forms of consumption. In contrast to smoking or vaping, these THC or CBD beverages provide a discreet, easily consumable, and socially acceptable means of enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Yet, the creation of these THC and CBD drinks is not as straightforward as merely mixing cannabis oil and water.

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The manufacturing process for cannabis beverages involves creating a stable emulsion, a challenge given the natural resistance between oil (cannabis extracts are typically oil-based) and water. Selecting the right carrier oil is crucial; a poor choice may lead to an unstable product where oil and water separate. Here, MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil), commonly used in the food industry and particularly popular in the cannabis industry, stands out. Its ability to form small droplet sizes when mixed with water, as reported in a 2016 article in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, makes it an ideal choice.

A deep understanding of the nuances of emulsions is essential when discussing cannabis drinks. Emulsion droplet sizes are critical, as they influence both stability and bioavailability. However, a paradox arises in the terminology—’nano-emulsion’ actually refers to larger droplets, while ‘micro-emulsion’ implies smaller ones. This counterintuitive language dates back to historical scientific literature, and it is essential to clarify these terms for effective communication.

Enhanced Control and Predictability

Cannabis drinks, unlike edibles or smoked variants, offer a much more predictable and controlled experience. Given their fast absorption rates, these drinks provide a quicker onset of effects. This means consumers won’t have to wait for hours wondering if they’ve had enough or too much, avoiding an unexpected, overpowering high.

Improved Bioavailability

Cannabis beverages provide enhanced bioavailability due to smaller droplet sizes. This leads to a more efficient absorption of THC and CBD into the bloodstream, making them more effective and potent compared to other consumption methods.

Wide Range of Choices

The cannabis drinks market is bursting with a wide variety of flavors, potency levels, and types – CBD drinks, THC beverages, and combinations of both. This provides consumers with a broad range of options, appealing to a larger, more diverse audience.

Lower Doses Needed for Desired Effects

Because of the efficient absorption, consumers need smaller doses to feel the desired effects, especially for non-regular cannabis users. This makes cannabis drinks a great entry point for newcomers looking to experience the benefits of cannabis without feeling too overwhelmed.

Increased Shelf Life and Stability

Thanks to scientific advances, cannabis beverages are now more stable and have a longer shelf life. The smaller droplet sizes in these drinks help prevent oil-water separation, enhancing product consistency and quality over time.

Greater Consumer Appeal

Cannabis drinks, including both CBD and THC beverages, provide a socially acceptable, discreet, and sophisticated way of consuming cannabis. This consumer-friendly format is likely to appeal to a broader demographic, thus expanding the market reach.

Innovation and Potential Growth

With increasing legalization and social acceptance of cannabis, innovative products like marijuana drinks are forecasted to see significant growth. This presents a promising opportunity for those considering entering the cannabis drinks market.

Considering these compelling reasons, it’s clear why there’s such a buzz around the cannabis drinks market. Whether you’re an entrepreneur eyeing the market potential or a consumer looking for new ways to experience cannabis, the promise and potential of this innovative sector are worth raising a glass to. If you want to learn more about the cannabis market, take a look at our cannabis blog posts.

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