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Microbusiness Solution: How to Get a Marijuana License in Missouri

Embarking on a cannabis venture in Missouri? Understanding the ins and outs of the Missouri cannabis license process, especially regarding microbusinesses, is vital. A Missouri marijuana license opens a world of opportunities. But, what about a MO marijuana microbusiness? Let’s delve deeper.

A microbusiness license, be it a MO cannabis license or a MO marijuana license, is essentially a small business license issued to eligible individuals or entities. Its purpose is to empower marginalized or under-represented groups, allowing them to participate in the legal marijuana market. Missouri offers two types of microbusiness licenses: microbusiness dispensary licenses and microbusiness wholesale licenses.

Dispensary microbusinesses deal with the dispensing of marijuana for medical or adult use. Wholesale microbusinesses, on the other hand, engage in the process of cultivating and manufacturing marijuana products, with a cap of cultivating up to 250 flowering plants at any given time.

Who is eligible for these Missouri marijuana license applications? Individuals who meet at least one specific eligibility requirement (from a predetermined list) can apply for a Missouri marijuana license. Applicants can claim more than one eligibility requirement on their Missouri marijuana license application, but it’s not a prerequisite.

Come October 2023, Missouri plans to issue six microbusiness licenses in each of its eight congressional districts, summing up to 48 microbusiness licenses. This includes both dispensary and wholesale facilities. Similar plans are on the table for 2024 and 2025 as well.

Did you know?

Many aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs wonder if they need to secure a physical facility or location before beginning the application process for a marijuana license in Missouri. In fact, the application does require you to provide a proposed facility address.

How are these MO marijuana licenses issued? Microbusiness applications are selected through a random lottery drawing, handled by the Missouri Lottery to maintain the process’s integrity. Following the drawing, applications will be reviewed, and licenses will be awarded.

Now you might wonder, “Can I submit multiple Missouri marijuana license applications to increase my odds in the lottery?” The answer is no. An individual or entity can only be listed on one application. The limitation ensures equal opportunities for all.

One of the essential components of the MO cannabis license process is the Missouri marijuana license fee. For a microbusiness, the application fee currently stands at $1500. This fee is refundable if you’re not awarded a license and meet all criteria with no pending or future legal actions related to the application denial.

One key point to remember while applying for a MO marijuana license or a Missouri cannabis license is that you need to provide a proposed facility address in your application. Moreover, an existing owner of a medical or comprehensive marijuana facility license cannot apply for a Microbusiness license.

For the application process, the Department will be accepting microbusiness applications from July 27 – August 10, 2023. The application forms, along with the instructions, will be available on the Department’s website by June 6, 2023.

In case of any queries related to the Missouri marijuana license application, the eligibility requirements, or any issues with the application submission, you can contact CannDelta.

It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry in Missouri, especially with the introduction of the Missouri microbusiness license. Whether you’re interested in a commercial cultivation license in Missouri or a Missouri microbusiness license application, the opportunity to be part of this growing industry awaits. Dive in, and make your mark.

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