Top 5 Business Ideas for 2023: Profitable Opportunities in the Heart of New York City

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New York City (NYC) is an economic powerhouse, a melting pot of diverse industries, and a city that never sleeps. It was founded as a trading post by Dutch colonists in 1624, and today, it’s home to one of the world’s premier stock exchanges. Boasting a gross metropolitan product (GMP) of over US$1.33 trillion annually, NYC is arguably the business capital of the world. But what business ideas are best-suited for NYC in 2023? After 20 years of thriving in this bustling metropolis, I’ve got a few ideas. Let’s dive in!

1. Delivery Services

One of the most promising business ideas for 2023 is in the realm of delivery services. New Yorkers often don’t own cars, and they’re frequently too busy to run errands themselves. By offering delivery services for everything from meals to clothing, you can tap into a large, untapped market that needs your services. You’ll cater not only to residents but also to the millions of people who visit NYC for work or entertainment each day.

2. Merchandise Reseller

NYC, as a major shipping port and gateway to Europe and Asia, offers access to a wide variety of wholesale products. You could seize this advantage and venture into the merchandise reselling business, operating as a broker, distributor, or owner of an online boutique or brick-and-mortar store. Check out the wide selection of goods in the city’s wholesale markets, including jewelry, clothing, toys, gifts, electronics, and floral products.


3. Catering Business

In NYC’s bustling food scene, a home-based catering business can be a lucrative venture. Catering allows you to set your own hours and offers lower startup costs compared to opening a restaurant or diner. You can offer on-site and off-site catering services, based on the nature of the event and your clients’ preferences. Remember, the key to a successful catering business is great quality, customer satisfaction, and of course, delicious food!


Fun Fact

New York City offers a variety of resources for small businesses, such as business training programs. The NYC Department of Small Business Services offers free services to help businesses start, operate, and expand in the city.

4. Cannabis Business

Cannabis legalization is presenting unprecedented opportunities in various sectors of the industry: cultivation, manufacturing (processing), and retail (dispensaries). All these avenues are profitable, and they hold unique opportunities for entrepreneurs ready to enter this burgeoning industry.


The cultivation sector is all about growing the cannabis plant, a process that requires knowledge of agriculture, horticulture, and the specific needs of the cannabis plant. Profitability in cultivation depends on several factors, including the cost of land, labor, seeds, and equipment, as well as market demand for the product. But with the right combination of expertise, resources, and market conditions, the rewards can be substantial.

Manufacturing (Processing)

The processing sector involves taking the raw cannabis plant and transforming it into various products, from dried flower to edibles, tinctures, and more. This sector can be quite profitable, as these products often command higher prices than raw cannabis. However, success in this sector requires an understanding of cannabis chemistry, as well as the equipment and techniques used to extract and formulate cannabinoids.

Dispensary (Retail)

The retail sector of the cannabis industry, specifically dispensaries, offers perhaps the most direct way to profit from cannabis legalization. These establishments sell cannabis products to consumers, often providing a variety of options to cater to different needs and preferences.

Creating a Cannabis Application

However, the key to unlocking potential profitability lies in successfully acquiring a cannabis license, a task that often necessitates professional guidance.

Securing a cannabis license is a complex process, involving detailed documentation such as business plans, security plans, and financial projections. A robust security plan is essential, showcasing commitment to preventing minors’ access to cannabis and protecting against criminal activities.

This daunting process becomes more manageable with the aid of a cannabis consultant. They offer vital expertise in the licensing process, cannabis law, and the unique dynamics of the industry. They are more than advisors; they’re strategic partners who guide you through the cannabis business setup, helping you dodge pitfalls and refine your business plan.

Consultants also simplify the application process, ensuring regulatory compliance and meticulous documentation. Their value extends beyond the application, offering insights into the industry landscape, identifying opportunities, and advising on operational efficiency to boost profitability.

5. Online Courses Business

In this digital era, offering online courses is another promising business idea for 2023. If you have a unique skill set or knowledge, why not monetize it by creating an online course? Given NYC’s busy lifestyle, many people are seeking flexible opportunities to learn new skills online. Whether you’re an expert in business skills, art, graphic design, music, or any other field, there’s likely a market for your knowledge. All you need is a great course idea and a platform to launch it!

In conclusion, the key to launching a successful business in NYC is to leverage the unique characteristics of the city in your strategic business plan. Each of these ideas takes advantage of the city’s large population, bustling economy, and unique opportunities. Choose the one that aligns best with your skills and interests, and you could find yourself at the helm of a profitable business venture in the heart of NYC in 2023!

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