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New York State Cannabis Growers’ Showcase (CGS)

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All You Need to Know About the Cannabis Growers Showcase

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The landscape of the cannabis industry in New York is evolving, with new initiatives providing fresh opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. One such innovative program is the Cannabis Growers Showcase (CGS), launched by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). Designed to foster a regulated environment for licensed cannabis cultivators and processors to exhibit and sell their products, the CGS is a temporary measure set to run until January 1, 2024.

A core objective of the CGS is to support those licensees who have accumulated inventory from the previous growing season, providing them with a unique platform to reach consumers directly. The CGS goes beyond conventional retail, enabling cultivators and processors to give their products broader visibility and potentially increase their market share.

The CGS program is inclusive, allowing participation from Adult-Use Conditional Cultivators (AUCC), Adult-Use Conditional Processors (AUCP), and Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees. This breadth of involvement not only fuels diversity within the industry but also facilitates a rich, varied showcase of products for the discerning consumer.

One of the standout features of the CGS program is its flexibility with event venues. A CGS event can be hosted in a variety of locations, from standalone venues operated by the CGS Organizer to sites managed by participating licensees. This could include licensed retail dispensary locations, licensed conditional cultivator or processor locations, or other approved temporary events. Such versatility empowers the organizers to create unique experiences for consumers and tailor each event to best showcase their products.

Physical Security Requirements

Despite its flexibility, the program also implements certain safeguards. The CGS program is particular about the demographics and location of the events. It will not authorize a showcase where the majority of attendees are expected to be under 17 years of age, or within 200 feet of a house of worship, 500 feet of a school, or in close proximity to retail dispensaries in densely populated municipalities. These guidelines reflect a commitment to responsible marketing practices and community-friendly operations.

The CGS program isn’t just a stand-alone initiative; it can operate in conjunction with another event. This allows for greater exposure and diverse audiences, potentially boosting the reach and appeal of cannabis products. However, these partnered events must also adhere to the same restrictions regarding age and location.

Limited Application Window

The application period for the CGS program is from July 19, 2023, to December 1, 2023. During this window, businesses can apply to host a showcase, capitalizing on the opportunity to sell their inventory to consumers directly. Multiple applications can apply for the same time and location, or for the same non-CGS event. However, the OCM encourages cooperation among licensees to represent New York’s cannabis industry collaboratively at non-CGS events.

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A CGS event can either be public or require pre-registration. Moreover, these events can pair with an associated event that may require pre-registration, a ticket, or that is free and open to the public. However, the program stipulates that ticket fees cannot translate to discounted or free cannabis products.

The products permitted at a CGS span across many categories, from cannabis and cannabinoid hemp products (granted a Cannabinoid Hemp Temporary Retail Permit by the OCM) to cannabis paraphernalia and other minor incidentals. These events can also sell stationary, gifts, and branded merchandise and apparel (only in adult sizes). On the other hand, products not containing cannabis (except water), alcohol, tobacco, and items appealing to individuals under twenty-one years of age are strictly prohibited.

Non-Cannabis Related Items are Prohibited from Sale

As with any regulated program, the CGS carries compliance requirements. These include safe product storage, inventory tracking, and adherence to maximum retail margins. Moreover, stringent security measures are mandatory to ensure the safety of the public, the integrity of the event, secure handling of cannabis products, securing and locking cash on-site, and the prevention of unauthorized access to products by consumers.

Before any transaction involving a cannabis product, vendors are required to verify the customer’s age. Only individuals who are at least twenty-one years old are permitted to purchase adult-use cannabis. Lastly, on-site consumption of cannabis products is not allowed at a CGS event, reflecting the responsible approach the OCM seeks to uphold in this emerging industry.

Only CAURD and AUCC licensees with a final license may apply to organize a CGS. The process involves several steps, such as completing the Cannabis Growers Showcase Application form, providing details about the event (date, time, location, participating licensees, and proposed products for sale), submitting a basic site plan, and acquiring required approval letters. Designating a Lead Contact and Employee in Charge is also a requirement. Finally, the OCM will consider the above and the physical security plan being proposed by the event organizers.

If this initiative interests you

If this initiative interests you or you seek more information on cannabis licenses in New York State, CannDelta is your trusted partner. Our in-depth understanding of the cannabis industry, the CGS program, and the application process enables us to assist you comprehensively. We help you in compiling the required items for your application and guide you through the regulatory requirements set by the OCM. With our support, you can ensure a successful application and event, capitalizing on this unique opportunity in New York’s evolving cannabis landscape.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Grower's Showcase

The Cannabis Growers Showcase (CGS) program is an initiative in New York allowing licensed cannabis growers and processors to present their products to consumers in a regulated setting. Consumers can then purchase these items from licensed retailers. This program will run temporarily until January 1, 2024.

In the New York cannabis scene, Adult-Use Conditional Cultivators (AUCC), Adult-Use Conditional Processors (AUCP), and Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) Licensees can engage in a CGS.

The CGS can occur at various approved locations like standalone venues managed by the CGS Organizer, licensed retail dispensary locations, and licensed conditional cultivator or processor locations. The New York Office of Cannabis Management does have specific restrictions on the venues to ensure adherence to New York cannabis laws. For detailed site plans, refer to the CGS Sample Diagrams document.

CGS events are approved to run until January 1, 2024, with the application window opening on July 19, 2023, and closing on December 1, 2023.

Certainly! A CGS can work in tandem with another event, although there are certain restrictions to safeguard young attendees.

Yes, several CGS applications can be sent in for the same time, place, or non-CGS event. However, collaboration is encouraged among licensees.

The New York Office of Cannabis Management has a list of allowed products and also items that cannot be offered for sale. This includes guidelines regarding food, beverages, and products attractive to individuals under twenty-one.

No, there are various formats, including pre-registration, ticketed entry, or free public access. However, tickets cannot offer free or discounted cannabis products.

Yes, participants must adhere to various requirements, including safe storage, inventory tracking, and price guidelines, as outlined by the New York Office of Cannabis Management in the CGS Guidance.

Yes, the CGS Guidance outlines specific security measures to ensure public safety and product integrity.

Yes, only individuals aged twenty-one or above can buy adult-use cannabis. Various valid IDs are accepted for age verification.

No, on-site consumption of cannabis products isn’t allowed.

Only approved CAURD licensees, as CGS Vendors, can sell cannabis products to attendees.

Only CAURD and AUCC licensees with a final license can apply.

Applicants must fill the Cannabis Growers Showcase Application form and provide necessary details about the event, site plans, and other specific requirements. Applications can be sourced from the New York Office of Cannabis Management website.

Yes, approval from the respective city, town, or village is required unless the CGS is held inside a licensed CAURD location.

Yes, you can refer to the CGS Sample Diagrams document for more details.

No, only approved CAURD licensees can organize or be CGS Vendors.

Products must be securely stored and inaccessible or invisible to customers and the general public.

No, however, CGS Vendors can let customers smell or inspect display samples.

Applications must be submitted at least 10 or 20 business days in advance depending on the event date, and the application can be amended up to 5 business days before the event.

Yes. Taxes apply as per regulations. Visit the New York Department of Tax and Finance Cannabis Homepage for details.

No. All sales are in-person to adults 21+. No sales to customers inside vehicles.

No, unless sold in a separate area at an associated event.

Only basic licensee information. There are signage restrictions. Review the relevant rules for full details.