New York State Cannabis Control Board Announcement on the Licensing Application Timeline

The Office of Cannabis Management to Begin Reviewing Applications in October – New CAURD Licenses Awarded

The Cannabis Control Board held their July 19th meeting at the City University of New York The Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy in which essential updates were made to roll out for New York’s cannabis industry. Many of the important agenda items were rubber stamped as the board looked to be in agreement and aligned to pass each agenda item. Amongst the agenda items were the following:


Consideration of Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary Licenses

  • Consideration of Cannabis Grower’s Showcase
  • Consideration of Cannabis Laboratory Testing Permit
  • Consideration of Medical Cannabis Proposed Regulations
  • Consideration of Cannabis Research Regulations
  • Consideration of Cannabinoid Hemp Emergency Regulations

In attendance was Kathy Hochul (Governor), Tremaine Wright (Cannabis Control Board Chair), Jessica Garcia (Board Member), Hope Knight (Board Member), Adam W. Perry (Board Member), Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins (Board Member), Chris Alexander (Executive Director) and an audience of industry stakeholders, prospective applicants, cannabis consultants, accountants, and lawyers, all were hopefully for positive traction for the seemingly very delayed rollout for the New York cannabis market and the updates on compliance and enforcement action for the illegally operating smoke shops and bodegas that are selling diverted cannabis products, mainly from California.

The highlights for the meetings included the approval of an additional 212 CAURD (Conditional Adult-use Cannabis Retail Dispensary) Licenses (almost doubling the existing 251 licenses that have already been issued) to help move much of the cannabis flower that has been sitting in a backlog of storage rooms from the Conditional Adult-use Cannabis Cultivator Licenses who eagerly converted their Hemp farms to cannabis at the start of this year in anticipation of a bustling cannabis retail dispensary scene that would receive their cannabis products. At present, the state of New York only has 20 licensed cannabis retail dispensaries open. The state has mentioned that the average timeline from license issuance to doors open is 4 months and never more than 6 months.

In addition, to the existing licenses, the total number of CAURD licenses is now 463 in the state of New York. The licenses are encouraged to contact the office of CannDelta to acquire assistance at finding ad securing an approved location for their cannabis retail dispensary, which must be in hand before the license holder can operate and achieve their full license. The updated guidance for searching for a location and the DASNY search tool is expected to be launched as soon as today but has not yet been announced. The CCB has also mentioned that the licensing for CAURD licenses has not yet been concluded and that the rest of the application is highly speculated.

Several changes were also rolled out to the cannabis packaging and to the Cannabis Growers Showcases. The Cannabis Growers Showcase is an event for which an application can be submitted to showcase products from cultivators, processors, and retailers at events in the State. The requirements would include three or more cultivators and a licensed CAURD at a licensed location as an approved event. Strangely, one cannabis processor can distribute flower products and unlimited retail dispensaries can be featured. Products will still have to pass the strict testing requirements and the event will have to gain municipal approval, allowing cities and community boards a high level of control and when/if these events can roll out. These permits will also allow for on-site consumption.


Terpene profiles are going to be required to be part of the cannabis packaging and labelling as these profiles are considered to influence the effect of medical cannabis, and the provisions for the cannabis research licenses have also been spoken to.

The growth of the New York Cannabis Market Growth has largely continued month-over-month and has a monthly value of nearly $11M in June with $33.4M total sales for the year to date.

New York’s Cannabis License Application Timelines have been announced.


In the Executive Director Report: Application Timeline

In the recent Executive Director Report, we observed an upcoming timeline regarding cannabis regulations in the state of New York. The Public Comment Period comes to a close on July 31, which will make room for the next phase of the process.

Moving into September, we can expect the finalization and adoption of regulations. The Cannabis Control Board is set to approve applications and respective scoring parameters for new Registered Organizations during this period. Notably, September is also when the Application Information and Application Guidance will be made accessible. This is all part of an ongoing public outreach initiative to better illuminate the licensing process.

Come October, there will be a significant step forward. The New York Cannabis License Application Timeline is slated to officially open. This will pave the way for a variety of cannabis industry stakeholders – including cultivators, processors, distributors, microbusinesses, and retail dispensary licensing. The public will have access to these applications, fostering a greater level of transparency in the process.

After the application period opens in October, there will be an ongoing review of the applications and licenses. From that point on, the issuance of licenses will commence and continue indefinitely. This unfolding timeline provides a clear road map for the expansion of the cannabis industry in New York.

As we navigate through this unfolding regulatory landscape in the New York cannabis industry, it’s prudent for prospective applicants to stay one step ahead. At CannDelta, we have our fingers on the pulse of these developments, and our expertise could be the deciding factor in the success of your application.

Given the timeline shared by the Executive Director, it is an opportune moment to begin preparing your application in anticipation of the public application period this coming October.

CannDelta specializes in assisting entities in the cannabis sector through the complexities of licensing processes. We work closely with cultivators, processors, distributors, microbusinesses, and retail applicants to ensure they are well-equipped to navigate the evolving regulatory environment.

Our team of experts can guide you through the ins and outs of the application process, advising on best practices and potential pitfalls to avoid. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible to begin preparations. Taking proactive steps now will provide you with ample time to assemble a comprehensive, compelling application that aligns with the Cannabis Control Board’s standards.

With CannDelta, you’re not just hiring a consulting firm; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your success in the burgeoning New York cannabis market. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start your journey towards a successful application today.

Those looking to stream the meeting may do so using the NYC Office of Cannabis Management Link (parts I & II are available now).