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New York OCM Expected to Begin Receiving and Awarding Applications on a Rolling Basis

New York Cannabis: February 16, 2024 CCB Meeting News and Resolutions

The Office of Cannabis Control Management (OCM) held a board meeting on February 16, 2024, revealing that they might begin receiving, and award cannabis license applications on a rolling basis. This decision also contrasts their previous statements determining they would only be distributing 250 dispensary licenses to the non-provisional pool, and another 250 to the provisional pool.

It looks likely that New York cannabis applicants awaiting licenses can expect their deficiency-free applications be reviewed and awarded without the need to wait for future application periods or group licensing dates.

Summary of Additional News and Resolutions from February 16, CCB Meeting

  • 109 final licenses were approved.

  • 70 dispensaries are now open for operation across the state.

  • Over 180 million in legal revenue has been sold as of February 16, 2024.

  • Almost four million units of cannabis products were sold in 2023.

  • Application deadlines were November 17, 2023, for location-based retail and microbusinesses, and December 18, 2023, for others, with a total of 7,000 submissions.

  • OCM is reviewing more applications and has issued 200+ deficiency letters.

  • The first two Research Licenses were granted in New York state. These Licenses were issued to businesses in Nedrow and Buffalo.

  • Adult-use Home Cultivation Regulations were approved and agreed upon. These regulations allow an individual over the age of 21 to have 3 immature and 3 mature cannabis plants per person. These regulations also permit 6 immature plants and 6 mature plants per household.

  • Registered adult-use dispensaries, microbusinesses, registered organizations, RONDs, and RODs can now sell immature medical and adult-use cannabis plants.

  • Amendments were made to address technical aspects of adult-use cannabis provisions. The goal is to align with social and economic equity provisions, clarify municipal measurement rules excluding Houses of Worship and schools, and omit pesticide references. The OCM will keep revising these regulations to reflect the evolving adult-use cannabis market and new insights.

  • A specific period is being established for Adult-Use Conditional Cultivators (AUCC) and Processors (AUCP), who have not yet transitioned to a non-conditional license, to submit their applications for this mandatory change.

  • Current conditional licenses will expire in June 2024, and this window offers the last chance for this MANDATORY transition.

  • Businesses interested in Type 3 Processor licenses or those with a processor license aiming for a Distributor license will have an opportunity to apply. Details on the application window’s opening date will be provided at least 30 days in advance.

  • Processors can now apply to relocate their operation to a different facility, which will require a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit.

  • Individuals applying for Social and Economic Equity (SEE) status have submitted their applications for certification, with the OCM currently reviewing approximately 670 applications of the 4000 received so far. Around 200 of those licensees have been SEE certified as of February 16, 2024.

  • Those who qualify for SEE status benefit from lower application and licensing fees and receive additional priority in the application process.

  • SEE applicants needing help with their application corrections can get individualized assistance from the OCM through Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs).

Next Steps for New York Applicants

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