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    Who We Are

    CannDelta Inc. is a regulatory and scientific consulting company based out of Toronto, Canada. At CannDelta Inc. we understand the necessity of continuous change and innovation in the cannabis, psychedelics, and pharmaceutical industries. We support our clients in licensing, business strategy, operational support, and ongoing compliance. Our clients are start-ups, universities, banks, licensed producers, micro licence holders, retail store operators, pharmaceutical companies, and law firms.

    We pride ourselves on our extensive regulatory and scientific backgrounds, with consultants that have previously worked at Health Canada’s Medical Cannabis Program and Inspectorate Labs, provincial governments (the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), Canadian licensed cannabis producers, and pharmaceutical industries. Our goal is to help our clients navigate Health Canada’s regulations to optimize compliance and help our clients to succeed in their respective industries.

    For more information on how CannDelta can help, please write to us at info@canndelta.com

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