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Rare Opportunity: Conditional Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator License in Tioga County, NY ID#20230446

Cultivation area with bushes of cannabis

Terms & Conditions

Size: 4 acres of fenced cultivation area
Price: $500,000 license only / $2,500,000 license + facility
Revenue: Please Inquire
Possession Remarks: Immediately


This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase a standard cultivation license and a fully-equipped facility including all assets in Tioga County.

The seller is currently selling the license, however the facility can be included for a negotiable price.

License details:

Type: Conditional Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator, New York (former Licensed Hemp Cultivator in New York)
Date Licensed: April 2022
License Price: $500,000

The license is currently authorized for cultivating 1 acre outdoors, and it has the flexibility to evolve into other options, such as microbusiness (including indoor cultivation) or a combination of 6,250 sq ft mixed light and 12,500 sq ft outdoor cultivation. Additionally, it can adapt to any other options sanctioned by the state’s final regulations for the 2024 season.

Facility Details

The facility, consists of 30 acres, features 4 acres of fenced cultivation area, 3,200 sq ft drying barn, and a 3,800 sq ft flex space barn. The remaining 10 acres offer ample room for future cultivation expansion.

The facility is meticulously finished and comes equipped with all essential machinery and a comprehensive security system. The included assets consists of a water wheel planter, plastic mulch layer, backpack sprayers, weed whackers, mowers, 4 side by side utility vehicles, a 2022 John Deere Tractor, generators, large fans, and dehumidifiers.

License+Facility Price:  $2,500,00
Facility Lease Option: $5,000 per month – minimum 4 years lease
Size: aprox. 30 acres, 4 acres of cultivation area
Restrooms: 3

*The associated business, including its brand and intellectual property, as well as the property itself, are subject to negotiation. The comprehensive price incorporates all assets, covering the license, brand/business, and property.

For detailed terms of the agreement, please get in touch with us. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – seize the chance to own and manage a flourishing cannabis standard cultivation and facility!

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