Consulting Services

Location Determination

CannDelta can help you determine the best cannabis site for you in NJ and provide resources to assist with leases, zoning, municipal, and state approvals. Site eligibility checks allow our clients to build-out and move-in with confidence.

CannDelta will work with architects to design floor plans, site layouts, flow, physical security plans and have those reflected in your standard operating procedures.

Cannabis Licensing & Permitting Applications

Get help with Turnkey licensing cannabis applications. Canndelta will assist you with obtaining permits and provide consulting support for all NJ marijuana license types.

Cannabis Business Plans

We can create customized business plans to help forecast your company’s success and predict when you will receive a return on your investment. Our plans contain pitch decks & customized logos, branding, and a marketing plan.

Cannabis Testing Lab Licensing and Set-up

Our team of PhD organic chemists can assist you with your licensing application, lab setup, equipment selection, and provide you with best practices and Standard Operating Procedures for your Cannabis Analytical Testing Lab.

NJ License application Types

Class 1 Cannabis Cultivator

Class 1 Cannabis Cultivator licenses allow growing, cultivating, and producing cannabis. It also permits the sale and transport to other Class 1 Cannabis Cultivators, Class 2 Cannabis Manufacturers, Class 3 Cannabis Wholesalers, and Class 5 Cannabis retailers, but not consumers.

Standard Class 1 Cannabis Cultivator licenses are limited by statute to only 37 licenses until February 22, 2023. Microbusiness Class 1 Cannabis Cultivators do not have a capacity.

Vertical integration is permitted, however, a Class 1 license holder may not also hold a Class 3 Wholesaler or Class 5 Retailer license.

CLASS 2 Cannabis Manufacturer

A holder of a Class 2 Cannabis Manufacturer license is permitted to buy, store, process (i.e. perform extraction or concentrate cannabis), and package cannabis into cannabis products. They may sell cannabis products to licensed distributors.

A holder of a Class 2 Cannabis Manufacturer license may, at another establishment, hold one other license that is not a Class 3 Wholesaler or Class 5 Cannabis Retailer.

Class 5 Cannabis Retailer License

A holder of an Class 5 Cannabis Retailer license is permitted to buy and sell cannabis products directly to consumers at a licensed store called a cannabis retail dispensary. A licensed retailer with state and municipal endorsement may operate a cannabis consumption area on their retail premises either indoors or outdoors.

Coming Soon – Class 3 Cannabis Wholesaler

A holder of a Class 3 Cannabis Wholesaler license is permitted to store, sell, or transfer recreational use cannabis products between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, or retailers.

Coming Soon – Class 4 Cannabis Distributor

A holder of a Class 4 Cannabis Distributor license is permitted to transport cannabis products in bulk between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, or retailers.


Currently, applications are being accepted for

  • Class 1 Cultivator Licenses
  • Class 2 Manufacturer Licenses
  • Class 5 Retailers
  • Testing Laboratories

New Jersey Cannabis License applications for adult-use (non-medical or recreational) are being accepted today and are reviewed on a rolling basis. Social Equity Businesses, Diversely Owned Businesses, Impact Zone Businesses and applications that received bonus points receive priority review, scoring and approval. Once a conditional license is approved, there is a 120-day period to submit a conditional license conversion application. Once your conversion application is submitted, the applications are then prioritized again for approval. It is recommended by CannDelta that, if possible, once a conditional license is approved, that a conditional conversion application is submitted as soon as the next business day to maintain the highest priority level. All conditional New Jersey cannabis license applications are being reviewed before non-conditional license applications.

Temporary Conditional Permits will be available to allow businesses to fulfill the requirements before they can lawfully act as a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or delivery service. The state is prioritizing the scoring of conditional New Jersey Cannabis License applications over standard annual applications
New Jersey is issuing conditional approval licenses. Conditional licenses allow business operators 120 days to fulfill the requirements of an annual cannabis business license while they are finalizing their application components, such as finding and securing a location for their business and completing construction.

Cannabis Regulatory Commission
 (the “CRC”)

The CRC is the governing body responsible for regulating the existing Medicinal Cannabis Program, as well as the new recreational cannabis program in New Jersey for adults 21 years and older. The CRC is responsible for establishing and regulating a safe and equitable medical and adult-use cannabis industry in NJ. The CRC is charged with issuing licenses for medicinal and recreational cannabis business operations in New Jersey.

The Office of Minority, Disabled Veterans, and Women Business Development was established by the CREAMM Act to promote and facilitate a diverse cannabis market in New Jersey. The Office provides outreach to underserved populations with information about the Cannabis Regulatory Commission and its programs.

The New Jersey Division of Taxation is responsible for administering New Jersey Sales and Use Tax and the Social Equity Excise Fee (SEEF) for cannabis. The Division of Taxation does not have oversight of locally imposed transfer taxes. A municipality may establish a Local Transfer Tax on the sale of cannabis for licensed establishments located within the community.

New Jersey’s “Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization” Act legalizes personal use of cannabis for recreational use, decriminalizes possession of small amounts of cannabis and cannabis products (i.e. dried flower, hashish, shatter, edibles, etc.), and removes “marijuana” as a Schedule I drug.

The CREAMM Act are regulations that authorize the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) to expand and further develop the current Medicinal Cannabis Program, as well as develop, regulate, and enforce the rules and activities associated with recreational cannabis for adults 21 years and over. 

  • The Act requires that State courts and law enforcement expunge people’s records for certain prior marijuana-related offenses;
  • The Act directs the State Legislature to reinvest revenue from cannabis sales to initiatives such as financial support for individuals in Impact Zones; and
  • The Act requires the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to adopt minimum standards to protect the health of medicinal patients and recreational consumers.

Eleven cannabis dispensaries across New Jersey opened for adult-use sales for the first time on April 21, 2022.

Additional applications are currently being accepted and will be awarded on a rolling basis.

To apply for a cannabis license in New Jersey, licensing fees range from $200 to $50,000. For specific information on licensing fees, refer to the CRC Fee Schedule.