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We are delighted to introduce a significant partner in the cannabis industry, renowned for their exceptional contributions in both cannabis and psychedelic sectors. Specializing in professional placements and education, they have established themselves as a leader in retail education and Budtender certification. Their services extend across recruitment, education, training, and licensing, making a notable impact across North America.

Our collaboration with CanMar is a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing the services we offer in the cannabis industry. This partnership allows us to integrate CanMar’s strengths in education, candidate placement, and their innovative platform with our expertise in licensing, operational support, and market research. Together, we aim to provide a more robust service offering:

Comprehensive Support: Merging CanMar’s educational and recruitment services with our licensing and consulting expertise.

Expanded Reach: Utilizing CanMar’s cloud-based platform to facilitate broader connections and opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Enhanced Knowledge Sharing: Leveraging CanMar’s educational resources to provide in-depth industry insights and training.



This partnership represents our commitment to empowering businesses in the cannabis industry with a full spectrum of services and support. By combining our strengths, we aim to set new standards in the industry, providing unparalleled guidance and solutions to both new and established cannabis ventures.

Take the next step in your cannabis venture today. Visit CanMar’s Website to learn more and access these incredible resources.