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CannDelta Inc, Cova & Thrive Presents: The Rise of Farm Gate Cannabis Retail

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May the 4th – be with us! CannDelta, Cova, and Thrive are proud to present “The Rise of Farm Gate Cannabis Retail” licensing. Join us as we deep dive into licensing, compliance, and we speak to the impacts for licensed producers opening up their own retail store! Prepare to become vertically integrated.

Cannabis farmgate is an important new retail opportunity for Canada’s cannabis industry but few agree on what it is, what’s possible in each province, and whether it’s right for all cannabis producers. Join CannDelta and Cova Software as we shine a light on these questions, hear the story of an LP poised to open the first farmgate store in Ontario, and mix with experts in breakout sessions to answer your questions!

You will learn:

  • What farmgate is (and isn’t) and how it applies to cannabis retail
  • What farmgate currently looks like in the different provinces
  • Why farmgate is a great thing for the cannabis industry in Canada
  • What the future of farmgate could mean for your cannabis business
  • How the right tech partner can help to streamline your operations
  • Best practices to run a successful cannabis retail business


You’ll hear first-hand how Thrive Cannabis experienced the licensing and inspection process in Ontario, and how their brand has evolved as their farmgate vision has become a reality.


When: May 4th, 2021

Time: 1-2 pm EDT, followed by networking

Where: https://hopin.com/events/how-to-navigate-farmgate-cannabis-retail

Cost: FREE




WATCH NOW: FarmGate the Rise of Cannabis Retail, hosted by CannDelta & Cova Software

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