Nalin Thillanayagam is a highly skilled and accomplished Business Analyst at CannDelta Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Ryerson University, which has equipped him with exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. Nalin is committed to leveraging his knowledge and expertise to provide insights and solutions that will help clients achieve their business goals within the cannabis industry.

Prior to joining CannDelta, Nalin gained valuable experience as an Intern at Buckman Technologies, where he developed multiple Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for chemical program test work. He also worked as a Maintenance Analyst at Metrolinx, where he was instrumental in implementing and recommending various project onboarding tools, and assessing their viability. Additionally, Nalin worked as a Production Engineering/Continuous Improvement Intern at Agropur Natrel, where he conducted studies and collected data on dairy co-op processes and mechanical food packaging equipment to improve quality standards.

Nalin is a team player who consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. His ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and his exceptional work ethic make him a valuable asset to CannDelta Inc. It is a pleasure to work alongside such a talented and dedicated professional. In his free time, you can catch Nalin in Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments and comicons.