Saskatchewan Cannabis Retail Permit

What you need to know

Saskatchewan has adopted a private retail model that is regulated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). The SLGA is responsible for issuing cannabis retail permits and regulating the wholesale and retail of cannabis products by private operators.

After initially setting a cap of 51 stores, the SLGA is progressively moving towards an open market system by removing the cap on the number of licenses available throughout the province.

As of April 2020, the SLGA is now accepting cannabis retail permit applications for communities with less than 2500 residents. In September 2020, all other communities are allowed to submit applications for permits.

Operators of a licensed retail storefront (bricks-and-mortar store) can sell cannabis online for pick-up and delivery to customers within the province. They are also permitted to sell cannabis products at wholesale to other licensed retailers in Saskatchewan.

The regulations for Saskatchewan largely resemble the regulations in Alberta (set forth by the AGLC), the SGLA has mentioned that this parallel is, for the most part, intentional to create alignment between the neighbouring provinces.


Saskatchewan was the first province to allow for commercial producers of cannabis to own and operate cannabis retail stores either at their Health Canada licensed facility, which could open to the public for the retail sales or at locations off-site, such as in city centers with no limit on the number of stores that can be owned.

Overview of Licensing Process

Figure 1. Overview of Saskatchewan cannabis retail regulations.

It is a great time for new businesses and investors to break into the Saskatchewan cannabis retail market and CannDelta is here to help!

How we can help:

  • SLGA Retail Cannabis Store Permit application
  • SLGA Cannabis Wholesale Permit application
  • Complete provincially tailored cannabis retail Standard Operating Procedures
  • On-going provincial regulatory support
  • Cannabis retail store and warehouse
  • Site-suitability evaluations
  • Store layout and fixturing designs
  • Store and wholesale physical security design services
  • Operational compliance and process flow
  • SLGA store inspection preparation

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