Sales Amendment for Cannabis Products

Sub-Class: Standard OR Micro

Additional Information

When Health Canada issues a cannabis Processing licence, the preliminary licence includes restrictions on the sale of finished cannabis products (consumer products in their final packaging) to provincial wholesalers and retailers. In order to remove these restrictions and allow for the sale of cannabis products to authorized retailers and wholesalers, Licence Holders must submit a formal sales amendment application to Health Canada to authorize the sale of each new class of cannabis, as well as a 60-day Notice of New Cannabis Product (NNCP) for each unique cannabis product intended for sale. The sales amendment must be approved and 60 days must elapse after submission of the NNCP in order for a Licence Holder to be authorized to sell the cannabis product.

Processing Licence Sales Amendment

• Complete batch production records for two production batches* produced at scale
• Batch release records for the submitted batches including Certificates of Analysis (CofAs) demonstrating the batches meet pre-determined specifications
• Copies of relevant production Standard Operating Procedures including, raw material receipt, processing, packaging, labelling, testing, release, distribution
• Photos of finished products in their final packaging and labelling

Estimated completion time: ~12-24 weeks after submission

Notice of New Cannabis Product (NNCP)

• Complete Notice of New Cannabis Product form through the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS)

• Includes product-specific information including: cannabis class, date product is expected to be made for sale, description of product, brand name, intended use, product form, included cannabis accessories, net weight, or volume, number of units per container, THC/CBD concentration, ingredients listed on label, any significant distinguishing characteristics, sensory attributes
• Can be submitted alongside the sales amendment application

Completion time: 60 days after submission

The term ‘cannabis’ does not apply to:

  • A non-viable seed of a cannabis plant;
  • A mature stalk, without any leaf, flower, seed or branch, of such a plant;
  • Fibre derived from a mature stalk; or
  • The root or any part of the root of such a plant.

A sales amendment authorizes the sale of (A) Dried Cannabis/Fresh Cannabis and/or (B) Extracts/Topicals/Edibles. A sales amendment for (A) or (B) requires submission of two representative batches of any one class of cannabis listed in either (A) or (B), respectively. For example, submission of two batches of Extract will authorize the sale of Extracts, Topicals and Edibles. A single sales amendment application can authorize both (A) and (B); in this case, two batches of any one class of cannabis listed in (A) and two batches of any one class of cannabis listed in (B) must be submitted (four batches in total).

Site Evidence Package and video attestation is not required for the submission of a Sales Amendment.

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