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New York Cannabis Cultivator License

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing, propagating and harvesting cannabis plants. These activities are the same regardless if the license is for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis cultivation be done both indoors and outdoors or in hybridized environments, such as in a greenhouse

As the cannabis plant is a dioecious species, its growth and development involves various stages such as germination, vegetative growth and flowering, which are both triggered by the light cycle, and harvesting.

Cannabis cultivation requires attention to lighting, temperature, humidity, soil quality, and nutrient/feeding schedules. Growers may also use various techniques such as pruning, topping, and training to maximize the yield and quality of their plants.

The activities typically permitted under a cannabis cultivation license may vary depending on the specific legal regulations in the jurisdiction where the license is issued. However, the following is a list of common activities that may be permitted with a cannabis cultivation license:

  1. Germinating and propagating cannabis seeds
  2. Growing and cultivating cannabis plants
  3. Irrigating and fertilizing cannabis plants
  4. Pruning and training cannabis plants
  5. Harvesting cannabis flowers and other plant material
  6. Drying and curing cannabis plant material
  7. Bulk packaging and labeling cannabis for B2B sale.
  8. Transporting cannabis products to licensed producer with a processing or manufacturing license for primary packaging or further processing.

Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator License Criteria

Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator Licenses Are Divided into Tiers Based on the Proposed Size of the Cannabis Grow Canopy

Level Permitted Cultivation Area (square feet)
Tier I      Less than 5,000 Tier 1
Tier II       5,000 – 12,500 Tier 2
Tier III    12,500 – 25,000 Tier 3
Tier IV   25,000 – 50,000 Tier 4
Tier V    50,000 – 100,000 Tier 5

Associated License Fees for the Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator License

License application fees are $1,000 for all types of Adult-Use and Cooperative Licenses.
License application fees for ROD and ROND licenses are $10,000.
If the applicant qualifies as a social and economic equity applicant, then they will qualify for a 50% reduction, waiver, or deferred fee, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Licenses shall expire two years after the date it was issued. License renewal fees are equal to the original license fee except where otherwise stated.

Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivator – Permitted Acitivities

The Adult-use Cannabis Cultivator license allows the entity a license for growing cannabis plants and harvesting cannabis flower. In addition to the Cannabis Cultivator license, a Cannabis Processor and Distributor license is also permitted to be held by the same entity.

Permitted activities includes: cultivation, trimming, harvesting, drying and curing cannabis at the licensed site only. Bulk harvested cannabis can be sold to another license holder which may processor, micro business, cooperative, ROD (registered organization with a dispensary), ROND (registered organization with no dispensary), or a cannabis research licensee.

It is strongly recommended but not yet required at this time for a Cannabis Cultivator to respect and be certified for Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP certification). There are many worthwhile sources that speak to this topic.

A person can only hold one Cannabis Cultivator license and may not hold an Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Dispensary license or Cannabis Consumption Lounge license.

The window to apply to become a conditional cannabis cultivator in the state of New York closed in June 2022. If you would like to prepare to apply for a Cannabis Cultivator license, call CannDelta today to get started. The applications are expected to open by June 2023 to the public.

The online application to become a cannabis cultivator is not available online, however, there is much of the preapplication work that can be done today. CannDelta is aware of the required documents needed to make a submission. Retained clients of CannDelta will be prioritized by our office to be the first to submit their application to the OCM to be considered for New York’s first Cannabis Cultivator (non-conditional) license. We are also assisting conditional cannabis cultivators with the conversion applications to the full, annnual license. If you are looking for help with either of these applications, we can get started to ensure that your winning cannabis license application is thorough, well designed, comprehensive and one of the first in the queue!

Call CannDelta today to get started on your application and be amongst the first to apply.

Yes, some of it. Althought many smoke shops are selling illegal cannabis and cannabis products, do not be fooled. Look for cannabis retail dispensary stores that are listed on the State’s Official Website.

Mush of the cannabis (or “weed” or “marijuana”) being sold now is illicitly grown, sourced, and sold. It is recommended that all vendors cease their operations immediately and prepare an application to become a legal cannabis retail dispensary operator through the OCM. Furthermore, any products being sold in illicit retail dispensaries is completely unregulated and untested. Because it’s safety cannot be verified, these products can not assumed to be fit for human consumption. If you are unsure if you are buying from a licensed cannabis retail dispensary, call us or visit our site to see a complete list of licensed cannabis retail dispensaries.

If you are currently selling illicit cannabis or cannabis without the proper adult-use retail dispensary license, it is recommended that you cease operations and call CannDelta to ensure the best, possible chance of obtaining a legal license.

Although Cannabis Cultivators can only hold one license for cultivation, they may also hold a license for Cannabis Processor and Cannabis Distributor. These additional licenses have their own requirements that must be satisfied. Please review these additional requirements before you apply to ensure that you are able to meet these minimum requirements. There is also a license type, called the adult-use cannabis micro business license, this license requires that the license holder is completely and vertically integrated. If you questions about how to combine license types or if you’re eligible for cannabis micro business license, use to “contact us” form on this page.

Call CannDelta today to determine if it makes sense to apply for multiple license types.

At this time New York Cannabis Cultivators will not be required to satisfy or be certified in Good Agricultural Collection Practices (“GACP”) or in Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”). If you are curious about applying for and obtaining your GACP certification, call CannDelta today.

Cannabis propogation is permitted with a Cannabis Cultiator license and license holders will be able to create their own seeds, clones, or perform tissue culture. A cultivator may acquire cuttings, seedlings, seeds, and clones from any licensee authorized as a Nursery.  Contact CannDelta today to learn more.

As part of the application, Adult-Use Cultivator applicants will have to pay a nonrefundable a minimum of $1,750 application and licensing fee (for an indoor Tier 1 License appliation for less than 5,000 square feet). Appplication fees for a Tier II is at least $6,250, Tier III is at least $15,630, Tier IV is at least $37,500 and Tier V is at least $100,000 for 50,000 square feet.

Application and licensing fees for outdoor cultivation is the least expensive with a minimum fee of $1,000 for under 5,000 square feet. With mixed lighting fees being intermediate in terms of cost.

No (maybe).
You may be better off applying for a Cannabis Nursery license if you specialize in cannabis propogation. This involves performing tissue culture, growing seeds, clones or immature plants. Other requirements also apply for a Cannabis Nursery license but these are less stringent than a cannabis cultivator license application.

Contact CannDelta today to determine what license is best for you and your goals.

You can buy legal cannabis as an adult over the age of 21 years from a legally licensed cannabis retail dispensary. Check this link to find the closedt cannabis retail dispensary near you.