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CannDelta is an award-winning consulting firm and leader in natural health products, alternative ingredient and controlled substances for regulatory and compliance. Working with clients across the spectrum of retail, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, testing and research. CannDelta is successful in acquiring licences and ensuring ongoing compliance throughout the world.


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CannDelta wants to build world-leading strategies with companies working in the natural health product industry. From legalization to large-scale research and development, CannDelta work with industry experts to achieve a better, more profitable future for the regulated and scientific community worldwide.
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-Natural Health Product Site Licences
-Natural Health Product Licensing
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-Reporting for Adverse Reactions


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Founded in 2018, CannDelta has been assisting with licensure, regulatory compliance, facility suitability, design, physical security, process-flow, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and operations support to ensure efficiency in Canada, the United States, and the World. Natural health products and the alternative medicine industry is booming as more people recognize the positive health benefits of naturally sourced ingredients. Our experts help your company define your products as safe, regulated, and pure. When it comes to natural health products, we want to be as transparent in our process as you are in your ingredients. Trust those that know best. Message CannDelta today about getting started with your Natural Health Product business today!

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