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Our Vision

To lead our clients confidently into the growing cannabis industry across the world.

CannDelta is a global cannabis consulting firm that builds leading business strategies with a focus in pharmaceutical, cannabis, and controlled substances.

From legalization to large-scale research and development, CannDelta is the expert consulting firm that will help you to achieve your goals now.

Expertise. Precision. Results.

Voted best cannabis consultant firm in 2021 and a recognized leader in cannabis licensing and  regulatory, space, CannDelta brings unparalleled experience to your new or growing business. From writting and implementing regulations for countries, nations, or indigenous and First Nations communities, our team of experts can help to scale your start-up or implement world-class business strategy for your publicly traded company.

We work directly clients to obtain any cannabis licenses or certifcations available in your area, such as retail dispensary, cultivation, processing manufacturing, testing, and research licenses.

 CannDelta has very quickly been recognized as the #1 cannabis licensing and regulatory firm by ensuring their clients acheive ongoing compliance. We assist businesses across the U.S., Canada, and the world.

CannDelta state cannabis license consultants with Clients during cannabis application submission

Our Impact

Since 2018, our team of industry experts have been passionate and committed thought-leaders. We hold unique and direct experience in the cannabis industry, with decades of experience in regulatory, quality, and compliance knowledge in food, pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, and cannabis. We pride ourselves in our extensive regulatory and scientific
backgrounds, with consultants that have previously worked within the federal government, licensed cannabis producers, and in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

At CannDelta we understand the necessity of continuous change, advancement, and innovation. We will help you to stay ahead of the curb. Get started now by speaking with a consultant.

Call us today for a free consultation at 1 (877) 274-6777.

Our Leadership

Meet Dr. Sherry Boodram and Dr. Lucas C. McCann. Both of whom hold doctorates in chemistry and have worked for the federal government in the controlled substances branch.

Founded in 2018, CannDelta has been helped to license over 250 companies.  We are experts in regulatory compliance, facility suitability and design, physical security, process-flow, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and operations support to ensure efficiency in Canada, the United States, and the World.

Trust those who know best. Message CannDelta today about getting started with your new business.

Headshot of Sherry Boodram, CannDelta CEO

Dr. Sherry Boodram
CEO, Co-Founder

Headshot of CannDelta CSO Lucas C. McCann

Dr. Lucas C. McCann
CSO, Co-Founder

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