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BudTender & Manager Retail Training for Fast-Growing Stores How to Comply with Cannabis Retail Regulations Running a cannabis retail store has many moving parts –

The Territories

What You Need to Know The Territories in Canada are vast and sparsely populated. If you would like to open a cannabis retail store in


Capital of Saskatchewan: Regina Largest City: Saskatoon Largest Metro: Saskatoon Metropolitan area Premier: Scott Moe, Saskatchewan Party Population: 1.18 Million (estimated) 2021 Minimum wage: 14.00 CAD per hour


Currently, there are no opportunities for private retailers in Quebec, as all cannabis outlets and online sales are authorized and regulated by the Société québécoise

Prince Edward Island

PEI Cannabis License Permissions and Requirements Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province in terms of land area and population, but the most densely populated.


Ontario Cannabis Retail Operator and Store Authorization Licences (ROL & RSA) BREAKING: Mississauga City Councillors vote to OPT-IN to cannabis, allowing Ontario cannabis retail store

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Cannabis Retail Licence Opportunities There are currently no opportunities for private retailers in Nova Scotia, as all cannabis outlets and online sales are


New Foundland and Labrador Cannabis Retail Licence Newfoundland and Labrador have adopted a private retail model, and the sale of recreational cannabis is being conducted

New Brunswick Cannabis Retail Licence

What you need to know – New Brunswick Cannabis Licence New Brunswick Cannabis Licence Update In a recent development, Cannabis N.B. has issued requests for