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Standard Cultivation, Processing & Sales Licensed Facility, Laval, QC ID#20236612

Doors in standard Cultivation facility

Terms & Conditions

Size: 20,255 square feet (room for expansion)
Price: $1,900,000 CAD for Licensed business; $10,900,000 for building and licence
Revenue: Not yet operational
Possession Remarks: Immediately


FOR SALE: Cannabis Cultivation and Processing Facility

Type: Lease of the Facility
Transaction Type: Share sale of the business as owners looking for complete divestiture
Growing Style: Indoor

Health Canada Licences: Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, and Sales for Medical Purposes
Sales Amendment:  Fresh/dried cannabis
CRA Licence: Issued
Farmgate Licence: n/a
Size: 20,500 square feet


Location: Laval, Quebec

Licensed: July 2022

Building Size: 20,255 sq.ft.

Building Condition: Finished with completed build, air-conditioned, and secured with a security system (cameras, motions, server, etc.)

Parking: 30 parking spaces available

Transit/Pedestrian Access: Conveniently located near transit and pedestrian routes

Water Treatment System: Installed

Cannabis Cultivation Equipment: Not installed

Lease Details: Share Sale for leased building, but the building could be made available for sale. Lease is $22,232.25 + GST/QST per month, with snow removal, ground maintenance, electricity, tenant insurance, water tax, central alarm connection, and internet expenses at the tenant’s expense.

Building Layout: 10,769 sq.ft. currently finished and ready for cultivation, 1,736 sq.ft. administration offices, 7,750 sq.ft. cultivation space to be finished by the tenant.

Production Status: The facility never started producing cannabis inside the building.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a fully licensed and permitted cannabis cultivation and processing facility. The building is in excellent condition and comes with a water treatment system and ample parking. With 10,769 sq.ft. of finished cultivation space and 7,750 sq.ft. of cultivation space to be finished by the tenant, this facility has the potential to produce a significant amount of cannabis. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Property Summary
Property Type
Business and All Assets, including intellectual property and trained staff.

Municipal Water


Items Needed to Operate: Change of Control Notification to Health Canada, Security Clearance for New Personnel

Doors in standard Cultivation facility    Cannabis Facility's Back side of the cleaning room with equipment Cannabis Licensed Facility's cleaning room Illustration of equipment in a cannabis building Energy Generator in a cannabis licensed facility in Laval The Door in Standard Cultivation Processing Licensed Building Toilet in a cannabis Licensed Facility in Laval

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