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CAURD Licensee in New York City Seeking $1M Cash Investment for 15% Equity ID# i202401065

Terms & Conditions

Size: 2,000 Sq. ft.
Price: $1,000,000
Revenue: N/A
Possession Remarks: 15% Equity Stake


For Sale: Exclusive Investment Opportunity in Premier Location

Location: Situated in a prime area near a major university in New York City, this property is strategically placed to cater to a vibrant and diverse community, offering significant potential for growth and innovation in the regulated sector.

Company Overview: This pioneering entity is structured as a C-Corp and stands as a leader in the regulated industry, known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement. The company is spearheaded by a highly skilled individual holding the positions of CEO, CFO, and Chief Budtender, ensuring a blend of financial acumen and industry expertise that drives operational excellence and market responsiveness.

Investment Opportunities: The company presents flexible investment arrangements to suit a variety of investor preferences:

  • Option 1: A $500k, 1-year loan at 3% interest for 5% equity, suitable for investors seeking a short-term engagement with steady returns.
  • Option 2: A $1m convertible note at 15%, convertible into 20% equity, for those looking for a significant stake and influence in the company’s strategic direction.
  • Revenue Sharing: Up to 5% from gross sales for National Brand Operators, offering a continuous income stream and aligning long-term interests.

Organizational Structure: The company is led by an individual with dual roles, including both executive and operational responsibilities, providing a solid foundation for growth and scalability. This leadership ensures a strategic approach to operations and market engagement.

Investment Confirmation: The company is committed to transparency and due diligence, promising to provide necessary documentation, including photos, floor plans, and financials, to qualified investors for a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity.

Divestment Potential: Open to discussions on full divestment, the company considers the possibility of selling a significant stake immediately and the remainder after meeting regulatory requirements, contingent on appropriate valuation.

Opportunity Highlights:

  • Strategic Location: Near a major educational institution, offering access to a diverse customer base and potential for partnerships.
  • Flexible Investment Options: Catering to different investor needs with both equity participation and convertible debt.
  • Revenue Sharing Potential: Aligns investor interests with company performance, especially beneficial for those with operational expertise.

Next Steps: Interested investors are encouraged to delve deeper into this opportunity, exploring the strategic and financial benefits of partnering with this leading entity in a regulated industry.

Please Note: Inquiries and discussions are facilitated through a professional intermediary to ensure confidentiality and personalized service. This intermediary is prepared to support due diligence processes and provide detailed information.

Seize the Opportunity: This represents a unique investment in a rapidly growing, regulated sector, inviting discerning investors to be part of a story of innovation, growth, and community impact.

For more information and to engage in detailed discussions, interested parties are encouraged to reach out through the designated professional intermediary. We look forward to exploring this exciting venture together.

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